With a sponsor in the pool, Minas officially introduces a new swimming partner, Mais Esportes

Former swimmer Alexander Bierman returns
photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press

Former swimmer Alexander Bierman returns to the pool as Minas’ partner

Former swimmer comes out of retirement and returns to the pool. This at the age of 46. It was just one jump for the 50 meter breaststroke. The veteran in question is Alexander Bierman, CEO of Arezzo&Co, the new sponsor of the Minas Tnis Clube swim team. The agreement runs until December 2024.

Biermann swam to the event to formalize the deal between his company and his former club.

It is not uncommon to see a former athlete become a successful businessman and return to the club that created him to sponsor the sport.

“I was born here. Minas is my home. Here I swam, I became an athlete. I have a feeling of happiness to return home,” says Birman.

The businessman says today that he started swimming at the age of 5, when his mother took him to the “Pingo D” swimming school, when he stood out, they took him to Minas. The friends and technicians I’ve formed here.”

One of those coaches was Mauro Dinis, who eventually remembered a unique story, which the businessman confirmed.

“We were in contention for the Brazilian championship in Belém. The race was the final of the 4×100 meter medley relay. I was going to swim the breaststroke, which was my specialty. It was my turn and I jumped into the water. “Callus”. As a result, I left, and the callus remained. I ended up getting disqualified. But Mauro was very important in my life, in my education, because apart from my father and my mother, he was the one who fought with me, drew my attention.”

His swimming career ended at the age of 15 when he went to study in the USA. There he got acquainted with triathlon and changed his sport, which he is still practicing. Now he is preparing for the Ironman race.

Bierman, CEO of Arezzo&Co, signed a contract with Minas
photo: Tlio Santos/EM/DA Press

Arezzo&Co executive director Birman signed a contract with Minas until 2024.

Competition in Minas

The sponsorship announcement turned into a big event as it also marked the start of the Copa Minas de Natao, which will run until Sunday and feature 13 clubs in the youth and youth categories.

In addition to Minas, Albatroz, Ecomov/Usipa, Cres/Semel, Club Caillars, Passens, Colgio Santo Agostinho, Ginstico/Gota D’Gua, Yarragu, Mackenzie, Olimpico, Diamantina Sports Square, in Minas Gerais are participating; Marinho, from Roraima; Apan Prudente, San Jose and Juventus from Sao Paulo. The contest started this Friday (26/8) and runs until Sunday at the Abdala Fbio Kour Waterpark pool on Minas I.

Alexander Biermann took advantage of the return to Minas by skipping the pool
photo: Minas/Discovery

Alexander Biermann took advantage of the return to Minas by skipping the pool

water show

If the subject was swimming, there was no shortage of swimmers. Also participating in the event were 2020 Tokyo Olympic bronze medalist Fernando Scheffer and swimmers Luis Gustavo Borges (Gustavo Borges’ son), Aline Rodriguez, Vinicius Lanza and Canadian Bale Anderson, who was recently hired as part of the Canadian team. by the mines.

Another attraction from the pools on stage was rock band The Rustin Jacks, featuring none other than ex-swimmer Rodrigo Castro, a multiple Brazilian champion and who played at three editions of the Olympic Games: Sydney’2000, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008. , and that guitarist today.

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