Ubatuba Swimming August Athletes of the Month – Ubatuba City Hall

Since the beginning of this year, the Department of Sport and Recreation has promoted the Athlete of the Month project, which aims to encourage discipline, commitment and responsibility among athletes in swimming training and improvement teams.

Since last month, the competition has had two winners as the teams have been split up, one for training and one for improvement. The winners of the month of August are the athletes Julia Cristina Soares Lima from the coaching team and Maria Helena Carridge from the improvement team, both 13 years old.

Antonio Pinto, the teacher of the improvement team, emphasized that the decision was not difficult this time. “This time it was a very easy decision, it wasn’t difficult, Maria was very involved from the beginning, more attentive than the others, she kept an impeccable frequency, she didn’t miss a single training and the evolution is clear, just because of this good behavior , that she has as an athlete.”

And the winner of the coaching team, according to Professor Marcos Iakopi, was highlighted for the results in the Regional Games. “The big difference was his performance at Regionals, as an athlete, the times he won and his participation in training, because I help with the performance a lot, but for this classification the most was this participation as Athlete of the Month; regions.

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