Torcida Mancha Azul has been suspended for 60 days from participating in games and other sporting events

A case of vandalism was also recorded, one on the day of the match against Cruzeiro-MG, and the other on August 13, when, according to the information of the intelligence service, the policemen of the 8th battalion intercepted a car of the “Gol” brand, which protected five rockets. , an explosive device with glass spheres and gunpowder, crack rock and seven marijuana cigarettes were found, in addition to the blue spray confirming the illegal activities.

Another fact recorded and condemned, including reactions on social networks, happened on the last day of August, when individuals from Azulina allegedly organized a mob, terrorized the residents of the region by throwing explosive devices made of nails and glass spheres at the headquarters of the Organization. Torcida Commander Alvirrubro, archrival CRB.

The action also takes into account veiled threats against the club’s president, lawyer Omar Coelho, whose complaints have already resulted in the opening of a police investigation aimed at investigating alleged crimes by organized supporters against the president. CSA and because of attempts to intrude and intimidate players and managers in their workplace.

“It so happens that despite various attempts to create a healthy crowd atmosphere at sporting events, the Public Ministry has become aware of several unfortunate incidents such as the ones described above, which make it possible to check the recurrence of the acts. mob violence organized Grêmio Recreativo Esportivo e Cultural Mancha Azul Organized fans,” reads part of the action.

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