There are soccer and swimming festivals this weekend

Ney Jose Sant Anna

Department of Sports and Quality of Life

This Saturday (27th) and Sunday (28th) are four more festivals for students, linked to the forms of football and swimming offered in the sports units of the municipality of San José dos Campos. The matches are expected to attract around 600 people to the pitches, including pupils and parents/guardians.

The Jardim Morumbi and Jardim Serecheiras sports centers are hosting an under-15 football festival this Saturday (27) from 8am. On Sunday (28), meanwhile, Centro Esportivo Cerejeiras will once again host another festival, this time for youngsters who play football in the under-13 category.

Also on Sunday (28), the Joao do Pulo Sports Center in Jardim Satellite is hosting the Southern Region Swimming Festival from 8am to 2pm.

The purpose of the festivals is to promote integration with students from other sports units as a means of promoting competition in major categories.

The meetings also allow students to put into practice what was taught in Modalism classes, in addition to fostering moments of fraternization. During the festival, the three best placed teams receive medals.

The festivals bring large audiences to the sporting venues of São Paulo, attracting all the parents/guardians who attend the free events offered by the municipality to honor their children in the great sporting fraternity.

Department of Sports and Quality of Life

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