The World Cup 2022 album is hard to find

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar is just two months away, and finding the competition’s final album isn’t easy. Demand is growing, and those looking for the product in Sorokaba often get the answer, “it hasn’t arrived yet, and we don’t have an estimate.” And when the merchant finally gets a new batch, it doesn’t take long for it to sell out again.

Miguel Machado has a booth at the center and said the movement could be better with a higher shipping quota through Panini, which is responsible for creating and distributing the copy. According to him, about 700 people stop by the newspaper stand every day to ask about the album or to buy the stickers.

Miguel says that every day there are people looking for the album and the stickers - FÁBIO ROGÉRIO JCS (09/08/2022)
Miguel says that every day there are people looking for the album and stickers (Credit: FÁBIO ROGÉRIO JCS (09/08/2022))

Diego Silva de Lima is among the group of people who have been searching for the product at Miguel’s newsstand for three weeks. Finishing the album has been his dream for many years. Diego always loved sports competitions, but due to financial reasons he did not have the opportunity to buy the album, but now with a steady job, he decided to realize that dream. “I can even find the stickers, but it’s impossible without the album, right? And I am happy that now I can buy and I can perpetuate the spirit of the cup, for example, for family members,” explained the 31-year-old waiter.

Paulo Roberto Ramos and his son Mateus Silva Ramos also can’t find a copy anywhere, despite a lot of searching, they decided to take a look on the internet and since there are albums + stickers, they finally chose this method. but they know it won’t come anytime soon, as even site sales shipments also take up to a month.

Paulo Roberto and his son bought the album online and are waiting for delivery - FÁBIO ROGÉRIO JCS (09/08/2022)
Paulo Roberto and his son bought the album online and are awaiting delivery (Credit: FÁBIO ROGÉRIO JCS (09/08/2022))

“Every year we buy it and this one is really hard to find even though it’s more expensive. But it’s still worth the wait, because it’s really cool to find the missing numbers. the cup is incredible,” said the inspector of the municipality.

The sporting goods store where Matheus Videira works is also releasing the album, but since the employees themselves have their own albums, it ends up causing a movement of trading cards between them and customers who know the space also offers this opportunity. : The most desirable figurine belongs to the Brazilian scorer Neymar Jr. “There are people who want to buy [figurinhas] that we have, but we just change them and that’s great,” he said.

How is the book?

In its 80 pages, the 2022 World Cup album, in addition to the 32 teams ranked in this year’s competition, has a dedicated section to pay tribute to the cup’s great champions. But what has created a buzz on social media are the additional stickers (Bronze, Silver and Gold) from 20 “special” players. They are even worth much more among collectors. Currently, Neymar’s album is considered the most expensive in the album, the cost of which reaches 9000 rials. And to get “free” you can count on the luck of “rarity” to appear inside the purchased small package.

Each pack has five stickers with a chance to get a
Each pack has five stickers with a chance to get a “special” (bag: FÁBIO ROGÉRIO JCS (09/08/2022))

In addition to Neymar, there are also rare players from all countries of the world who have made history in the competition. They are: Giovanni Reyna, from the United States; Luis Suarez from Uruguay; Gavi, from Spain; Argentina’s Lionel Messi, Serbia’s Dusan Vlahovic, Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa.

How much?

Publisher Panini made the World Cup sticker album available on newsstands from August 19, but pre-sales on the website began in July. The hardcover album costs 44.90 roubles, and the cardboard one costs 12 roubles.

A pack of five figurines costs 4 roubles. According to the manufacturer, the collection of 32 teams of the World Cup in Qatar has 670 figurines, of which 50 are special and 80 are rare. The 80-box set of figurines available on the site is sold for R$320, equivalent to R$4 per pack. So, to complete 670 stickers, it will take at least R$536 to buy the 134 packs needed to achieve that amount of stickers. (Thais Marcolino)

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