The municipality guarantees specialized help for mental health maintenance and suicide prevention

In João Pessoa, according to the Notifiable Diseases Information System (Sinan Net) and the Mortality Information System (SIM), 323 people attempted suicide in 2022; 18 died. This Saturday (10) is World Suicide Prevention Day, but the initiative takes place throughout the year as part of the João Pessoa municipality’s policy to promote mental health, prevent and combat suicide.

The Psychosocial Care Network (PSC) guarantees specialized help to the population throughout the year, with the topic being discussed and care offered beyond Yellow September.

“Yellow September is a very important campaign to raise awareness of mental health care and the struggles that many people face, but it’s always good to remember that depression and suicide occur all year round, which is why our network is built; provide this help regardless of the date,” emphasizes Jean Paulo Dantas, coordinator of the mental health technical area of ​​the Municipal Department of Health (SMS).

Within the mental health policy, care is provided in several SMS services, from Family Health Units (USF), to specialized care in polyclinics and centers for psychosocial care (CAPS), alternative treatments in Centers for Integrative Practice and Complementary Services (CPICS). , hospital care and urgent and emergency services such as Emergency Mental Health (Pasm).

The first service, to have access to the entire mental health network, can be implemented in primary care, through family health teams, recognizing the needs of the population and maintaining a dialogue with the Specialist Care and Urgent Care and Urgent Care network. Thus, necessary referrals are made to appropriate services to receive each person. In municipal polyclinics, the population has access to psychological, psychiatric and neurological support, which is referred by USFs.

Two months ago, the municipality opened the Life Care Reference Center, located in the Bankarios district, for the reception and care of people with depression. The service is available on a spontaneous basis from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, and in addition it is possible to receive a multi-professional service with a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, occupational therapist, nurse, pharmacist and nutritionist. To participate in therapeutic groups to combat depression. The care a patient receives is determined by triage.

At Centers for Integrative and Complementary Health Practices (CPICS), users have access to treatments that seek to promote health prevention and recovery in a natural, drug-free way, to integrate the person with the environment and society.

The urban network has CPICS Equilíbrio do Ser, in banking, and Canto da Harmonia, in Valentina Figueiredo. In order to access the available therapies, the citizen can refer to his reference department or apply directly to one of the two services with his personal documents (RG, CPF, SUS card and proof of residence).

The Psychosocial Care Network has four Psychosocial Care Centers (Caps) to accommodate people with persistent mental disorders or psychoactive substance abuse. Care at Caps can be self-directed, self-referred, or referred by family health units.

“Hats replace psychiatric hospitalization with a search for social reintegration through treatment. In the centers, patients receive medical and psychological supervision, in addition to participating in seminars, therapeutic groups, sports and cultural activities, in order to integrate them into a social and cultural environment with their families,” explains Jean Paulo Dantas.

Caps Gutemberg Botelho and Caminhar offer care for people with severe and persistent suffering or mental disorder. Caps Ad David Capistrano serves people suffering from mental illness caused by the harmful use of alcohol and other drugs. While Caps Infanto Juvenil Cirandar serves children and adolescents between the ages of three and 18 who have mental, neurotic disorders or mental disorders due to alcohol and other drug use.

In case of crisis, the SMS provides urgent and emergency care at the Mental Health Emergency Center (Pasm) attached to the Ortotrauma de Mangabeira, a referral for adult care, and the Valentina Municipal Hospital for child and adolescent care. João Pessoa (Samu-JP) Mobile Emergency Service.

The municipal RAPS also includes a Children’s Asylum Unit (UAI), two treatment residences and beds in general hospitals (adult and children).

Other numbers – According to the latest survey conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are more than 700 thousand suicides in the world. In Brazil, registrations approach 14,000 cases per year, that is, an average of 38 people commit suicide per day.

According to WHO, 322 million people suffer from depression in the world. There are more than 11 million cases in Brazil. A 2021 Vigitel study shows that an average of 11.3% of Brazilians were diagnosed with depression between September 2021 and February 2022, and that high rates of depression during the pandemic are associated with grief, among other factors.

From the beginning of 2020 to the end of July of this year, 104 cases of death due to intentional self-harm were recorded in the capital. As for suicide attempts, their number reaches 1164. The figures are from the Notifiable Diseases Information System (Sinan Net) and the Mortality Information System (SIM).

The data also show that deaths from self-harm are more common among men. Of the 18 people living in João Pessoa who committed suicide between January and July this year, 15 were male and 3 were female. On the other hand, suicide attempts are more frequent among women. Out of 323 attempts made during the same period, 227 were made by females and 96 by males.

Yellow September – Since 2014, the Brazilian Psychiatric Association, together with the Federal Council of Medicine, organizes Yellow September throughout the national territory. It is the world’s largest anti-stigma campaign and this year the slogan is “Life is the best choice”.

Check the addresses of the services.

CPICS Remaining balance.

Rua João Batista Maia, s / n, Banking.

Phone: (83) 3214-2921

CPICS Corner of Harmony.

Rua Ulisses Alves Pequeno, s / n, Valentina Figueiredo.

Phone: (83) 3218-5873

Caps Gutenberg Botelho.

Avenida Minas Gerais, nº 409, Bairro dos Estados.

Phone: (83) 3211-6700

Caps Walk and Life Care Reference Center:

Rua Paulino Santos Coelho, s/n, Jardim Cidade Universitária

Phone: (83) 3218-7008

Caps AD David Capistrano.

Av. Jose Soares, s/n, Varjão.

Phone: (83) 3218-5244

Caps Infant Juvenil Cirandar.

Avenida Gouveia Nóbrega, s/n, Roger.

Phone: 3214-3333

Emergency Service in Mental Health (PASM).

Rua Fiscal Agent José Costa Duarte, s/n°, Mangabeira. In the building next to the Mangabeira hospital complex.

Phone: (83) 3218-9727

Valentina City Children’s Hospital.

Av. Mariangela Lucena Peixoto, Valentina de Figueiredo

Phone: (83) 3218-9404

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