The Mirin Athletes program was proposed by Councilor Sunamita Carvalho

The draft law, which envisages the creation of the “Mirins Athletes” program in Ichara Municipality, has been forwarded to the Executive. The proposal was presented by Councilor Sunamita Vieira de Carvalho (PSD). The councilor clarified that the purpose of the event is to recognize children with sports skills and to generate interest in sports.

“Through the program, the Executive Branch will be able to implement activities and partnerships with sports clubs and other private institutions that promote the practice of sports and allow students of the community education network to demonstrate their skills during possible sponsorships and competitions.”

Sunamita highlighted sports events. “Sports practice is essential for the well-being of body and mind and facilitates socialization and a collective view of small and large achievements.”

According to the project, the Executive Branch will have the opportunity to promote sports competitions in the schools of the municipal educational network aimed at recognizing the sports skills of students. Students selected for the competition can receive incentives through social programs and partnerships with the private sector. On that occasion, the councilor also requested, by instruction, to service the soccer field of Klima Loteamento, located in the neighborhood of Nossa Senhora de Fátima.

Cooperation. Içara Advisory Chamber

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