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The NBB champion has been invited to train with the Brazilian national team and is tipped to be the country’s next name in the NBA. These are the credentials of 1.92 m, only 18-year-old Reynan dos Santos, who, having just finished school, also imagines going to college. The qualities of a basketball gem still transitioning into adulthood and the responsibilities of adulthood since adolescence.

Reinan dos Santos — Photo by Marcos Limont/Disclosure

It wasn’t until this stage of life, however, that Reynan dos Santos had his first contact with basketball when he was nine years old. Although he liked to play soccer, he was interested to see that his neighborhood friends preferred the basket to the goal in the Sonhando Alto social project, under the direction of Professor Guilherme Camargo, in the neighborhood of Jardim Cruzeiro do Sul, Araraquara (SP). It wasn’t love at first sight, but she fell in love over time.

– I started at nine for fun. I went there to see, but I didn’t like it so much and stopped. After some time my friend Raul called me again and I went back there. I didn’t think about basketball as a future, I liked football more, like all Brazilian kids, I played well. I gradually got to know the people of the project, improving my game and started to like it. At 13, I decided to stick with basketball. “I caught the fast moves, I thought it was good to layup, I had a certain ease and I started to like it,” said guard Reinan, nicknamed King or “Kingnan” by his friends, in an interview. ge:.

Reinan has collected medals in basketball since childhood – Photo: Personal Archive

School and basketball doubles were part of Reyna dos Santos’ daily routine. Distinguished technical ability, however, made the young man stand out in the eyes of the teacher. In 2018, at the age of 15, he had to come of age early, he received an offer to play for the Sesi Franca Basquete team in the city of the same name. Therefore, it was time to change the home run by the mother owl, Luana Camilo, in Ararakura for the new team.

– At that very moment I said. I really want to play basketball while it’s for fun. I thought my mother wouldn’t like it when this opportunity to go to Franca came up, but she said, “Now that’s your job.” He let me choose between staying at home or going out. I had never lived alone. Living away from him was difficult, but I had support, he said. “Go up.” She is my #1 fan, my best friend, supports me, encourages me. He doesn’t let me give up when I’m sad, he’s always ready to help me. Things were never good financially, that was just the basics. I was sad because sometimes I couldn’t go to the championship, but he always tried his best with Guillerme Camargo, who always supported me.

In Franca, Reyna dos Santos began to be taken seriously, and basketball. There was a “key turn” due to the professionalism the occasion called for. And after a year with the team, he was promoted to train with the first team. Before long, the Arrakura boy was no longer sharing the pitch with his schoolmates, but with the players he watched on TV.

– I was very motivated by this opportunity. I was playing alongside George, Lucas Mariano, guys I looked up to. I was 16 years old and working in the first team, getting to know the players more and more every day. I was received very well and I improved my game, said the athlete, who is addicted to another game besides basketball, the famous “Fortnite”.

Reinan lists NBB title on his resume — Photo by Marcos Limont/Disclosure

Wearing the jersey of Brazil’s greatest champion of the NBB era, Reynan dos Santos reached the pinnacle of his fledgling career in the sport in June of this year. he became champion of Novo Basquete Brasil, the team’s first title after 14 games. .

– The NBB title was won with great effort and merit. We’ve always pushed that champion button. And we reached the top. I am grateful for winning this title. This title was a dream come true, so new with such an important title. When we were champions, I didn’t even know how to react. I don’t even know how to explain. My mother sent me several audios congratulating me (laughs),” he commented.

Appointed as one of the team’s gems, Reynan dos Santos saw the doors of Brazil’s Under-23 team, led by former NBA player Tiago Splitter. This month, he won the title of the “Global Jam” friendly tournament, which was held in Toronto, Canada, in which, in addition to the hosts, the United States, Italy also participated.

– This period in the national team was very important for my career, not only for the players who were there, like Iago, Kayo Pacheco, (Gabriel) Campos, all the links. But what I thought was the best was Tiago Splitter, a “coach” who helped me with his experience, advice, his background in the NBA… all important for my career. That attitude, playing good, tight games was amazing. I felt comfortable with the confidence that Thiago gave me.

Reinan was Globl Jam champion under coach Tiago Splitter – Photo: Personal Archive

On the upswing, Reinan aims to follow in the footsteps of Guy Santos, the last Brazilian to be drafted by an NBA team, in 2023. In February, the point guard will turn 19 years old and, therefore, will be able to register in the “sieve” of the major world basketball league.

– I am a dreamy child, my focus is to appear in the NBA. I dream big and feel powerful. I’m going to keep working, developing, but I want to get to the NBA, get drafted. I imagine myself there, it comes to my mind. I follow a lot, I don’t have a preference for the draft team, they are all top. I watch a lot, I like Curry a lot. There’s Gui Santos, Didi (Luzada), guys who are my idols. It’s really great to see them in the NBA. Every job has its own reward, so I am calm, not anxious. But when my name is called there, I don’t think I will be able to hold back the tears because I always think about it. Making it to the NBA is every player’s dream.

Reynan dos Santos plays in major selection categories — Photo: CBB/reveal

Reyna dos Santos’ plan B is to study Business Administration or Accounting. He says that an athlete’s career is short, so it is not difficult to be careful. But if the expectations are confirmed, his end will be in the NBA courts.

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