The first round of student basketball has started in SEF

The stands are filled with families, friends and sports fans. Not to mention dozens of young athletes who had great matches in the first round of the 2nd Friburguense basketball championship. The event took place last Saturday the 27th at the sports court of the Sociedade Esportiva Friburguense (SEF).

The battle between NBA School and Espaço Livre School opened the opening round for the under-15s, and the team named after the biggest basketball league on the planet won 27:8. Soon the competition opened. In the Under-18s, and Colégio Estadual Jamil El-Jaick beat Colégio Anchieta 35-18 in a very consistent manner. The only match of the U-13 round pitted Anchieta against Proieto Casa High School. the team wins 26:9.

The first day of the Student Championship concluded with two excellent matches for the Under 18s, with games decided by hard scores and details. The NBA school topped Colégio NS das Dores 16:13 while Colégio NS das Mercês defeated GPH 26:22. The next round, with full details on time and location, will be announced shortly at the event.

The teams of state and private schools of the city and region take part in the championship. Games always take place on Saturdays, in the U-13, U-15 and U-17/18 categories, with seven qualifiers until November. The semi-finals will take place on December 3 and the finals on December 10, with each round having a different venue.

The teams are divided into three different categories. NBA School, GPH, Projeto Casa and Anchieta teams participate in U-13. Under 15s include NBA School, GPH, Espaço Livre and Anchieta. In U-17/18, NBA School, GPH, Anchieta, Jamil El-Jaick, NS Dores, NS Mercês and Sesi (Rockets) teams are competing for the title. More than 100 athletes are registered in this edition.

Step 1 results

Last week on the 27th at SEF

  • NBA School 27 x 8 Free Space (U15)
  • Jamil 35 x 18 Anchieta (U-18)
  • Project Casa 9 x 26 Anchieta (U-13)
  • NBA School 16 x 13 NS Dores (U18)
  • GPH 22 x 26 NS Mercês (U-18)

Classification – Up to 18 years old

  • 1st – Jamil, 2 points (remaining: 17)
  • 2nd – NS Mercês, 2 points (remaining: 4)
  • 3rd: NS Dores, 2 points (remaining: 3)
  • 4th – NBA school, 1 point (remaining – 3)
  • 5th – GPH, 1 pt (remaining – 4)
  • 6th – Anchieta, 1 point (remaining – 17)
  • 7th: Ceci, 0 points (remaining: 0)

Classification – Up to 15 years old

  • 1st- NBA school, 2 points (remaining 19)
  • 2nd – Free space, 1 point (remaining – 19)
  • 3rd- GPH, 0 pt (remaining: 0)
  • 4th – Anchieta 0 points (remaining: 0)

Classification – Up to 13 years old

  • 1st Anchieta, 2 points (remaining 17)
  • 2nd house, 1 unit (remainder: – 17)
  • 3rd- GPH, 0 pt (remaining: 0)
  • 4th – NBA School, 0 points (remaining: 0)

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