The city park pools will open later this month

This Friday (9), September 27, the opening of the City Park swimming pools to the public was announced. In addition to the swimming pools, residents will be able to use the toboggan and participate in physical activity programs, in addition to having a “water park,” according to Mayor Margarida Salomao. .

The announcement was made by the mayor together with the Municipal Park Management Committee, formed by Public Communications Secretary Marcio Guerra; Sports and Entertainment, Marcelo Matta; and Tourism, Marcelo do Carmo. The water complex will have free entry for visitors, being a pioneering initiative of Juiz de Fora, as emphasized by the municipality.

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The water complex of the City Park with a pool of 25×12.9m for adults and 14x8m for children will be free for swimmers. From the opening day, there will also be sports projects such as water aerobics and swimming, with registration at the City Park reception.

The urban park is located at Rua do Contorno, 8, in the Nova California district and is open from 8am to 5pm, allowing visitors to enter until 4pm. For those who need public transport, lines serving the park are 520 (Aeroporto), 531 (Nova California) and 537 (Jardim da Serra), all described on the “Via Parque Municipal” sign.

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