The Brazilian national team has been invited to compete with Puerto Rico in the World Cup qualifiers. Huertas and Iago are highlights


Group F leader Brazil will play at home next Thursday (25)

The Brazilian team has been invited to the second round of the qualifying round of the World Cup
©: Replay/Official CBB TwitterThe Brazilian team has been invited to the second round of the qualifying round of the World Cup

The Brazilian men’s basketball team has been invited to the match against Puerto Rico In an authentic match for the 2023 World Cup qualifiers. The game, which will take place in San Juan, the home of the rivals, will take place next Thursday (25th) at 9pm. Brazil travel with 13 athletes, although only 12 can be named for the meet.

Marcio, Reinan, Hetsheimer and Benite, who is recovering his physical form, are missing from the invited athletes. However, the trio can get space in the fight against Mexico, which is scheduled for the 29th of the month.. The call-up for each match is not a closed list, which opens up the possibility of rotation in the team. Raulzinho, Bruno Caboclo and Guy Santos, both of the NBA, have asked to withdraw from the Copa America and are absent from the national team..

Among the athletes called up against Puerto Rico was the highlight Marcelinho Huertas is back39 years old. Iago MateusAnother name on the list is one who caught the eye at the Under-23 tournament in Canada. Didi Luzada, currently with the Portland Trail Blazers, is the only NBA representative on the national team. Check out the full list.

ship owners

  • Iago Mateus (Ratio Ulm-ALE)
  • Marcelo Huertas (Tenerife-ESP)
  • Rafael Luz (Andorra-ESP)
  • Scott Machado (Hapoel Eilat-ISR)

Wingers / guards

  • Jorginho (Ceci Franca)
  • Didi Luzada (Portland Trail Blazers-USA)
  • Leo Meindl (U-Banca Transylvania-ROM)

Arms / axles

  • Gabriel Jau (Flemish)
  • Rafael Mineiro (Flamengo)
  • Lucas Diaz (Ceci Franca)


  • Lucas Mariano (Ceci Franca)
  • Augusto Lima (Unicaja-ESP)
  • Cristiano Felicio

Brazil in the qualifying round of the World Cup

Brazil is in Group F with Puerto Rico, USA, Colombia, Mexico and Uruguay. However, in the first round, clashes against South American opponents have already taken place. In six rounds, Seleção leads the group with five wins and one loss. This time, the team will face Puerto Rico, Mexico and the USA in home and away games. After all, the top three places guarantee direct places for the 2023 World Cup.

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