The 10-year-old boy is a US basketball sensation. see applications | nba:

Anyone who has played and watched basketball knows how difficult it is to dribble and make the three-pointer. But for Trey Horton, it looks easy. The 10-year-old inspires skill with the ball in both dribbling and passing, but draws attention even on shots for his hot hand.

Horton converts baskets from inside the court with tray moves, short shots, and of course, 3-pointers that send fans into a frenzy.

Trey Horton, just 10 years old, excels in basketball in the USA – Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

Despite his young age, Trey takes basketball very seriously. In a recent interview with YouTube channel Whistle, her parents, Nikita and Steve, reveal how serious she gets when she finds out she has a day off from training. Even the skill is also developed within. The young man’s coach is his own father, who shares his work and pride on social networks.

“My biggest dream is to be an NBA player and the best player in the world,” Trey said.

Trey Horton is a basketball sensation in the US at just 10 years old — Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

In one of the videos, Steve says that he practices three hours a day with his son and that he survives without getting tired. And this extends into the daily routine when he wakes up, goes to the beach, and then trains both physically and technically. His father reports that he goes to court six times a week, sometimes even every day.

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Trey’s videos have attracted the attention of NBA stars. Washington Wizards point guard Brandon Jennings shared a video of the bids, encouraging the boy to play the sport and saying he hopes to one day see him in the world’s biggest basketball competition.

– See you @treytreyhoops… Keep it up!! – wrote Brandon on his social network.

Horton emphasizes how he has the support of his family and how much they support his dream of pursuing a basketball career. Despite his short stature, he already knows several trophies, playing both in his own age group and against older youngsters in the under-16s at home.

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