Swim Channel agrees with Rythmoon to license swim products

Cesar Cielo is the only Brazilian Olympic swimming champion in swimming pools – Reproduction

Swim Channel has an arrangement with Rythmoon licensing products from the brand’s retail line. In this way, the car group’s online sales channel comes together to swim will be managed by a sporting goods store. The partnership is expected to launch between August and September this month.

“I am happy with the licensing of the Swim Channel brand. We are extremely careful about all the activities carried out by the company in the field of swimming, keeping in mind the relevance, reliability and trend. So having a partner like Rythmoon demonstrates the strong and uninterrupted growth that Swim Channel has represented over its 12 years of existence,” commented Swim Channel Group CEO Patrick Winkler.

“Rythmoon works with several sports. But we have a great love for swimming. We are delighted to be licensing Swim Channel, which will further the growth of both companies in a sport for which we share such an affinity.”

Adriano Aguion, creator and manager of Rythmoon

Based on the partnership between the companies, the Swim Channel website is expected to become more of a part of a swimmer’s everyday life by producing news, managing the competition calendar and offering sports articles.

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