Sports chroniclers from ACEA’s AL members have a big meeting on the 18th at Capella/AL

The other Sunday, the 18th, the town of Capella/AL, 60 km from Maceio, will host sports journalists from Alagoas, especially those who are part of ACEA, for its 1st workshop on sports press in Alagoas, promoted by the organization for: The event will focus on the most important current issues for the category related to modern communication in the world of football. “It will be a remarkable meeting, as we plan to bring together around 50 chroniclers, given that our program is quite high,” commented ACEA President Ronaldo da Paz.

The speakers will be Senator Rafael Tenorio, businessman and former president of CSA, who will address “Club-Company and Media Relations. Journalist and commentator Vaiderlan Araujo will highlight the topic “Adaptation of sports chronicles to new media”, and at the end, host Marlon Araujo will talk about the commentary “The new language of sports”.

With the support of the Alagoas Football Federation, ACEA will provide a free bus from Maceio at 7:30 am from the door of Rey Pele. The seminar also has the support of the City Council of Capella, which provided its audience for the event, in addition to the newspaper A Notícia, the businessman Wellington de Sena and the radio presenter Raimundo Jorge and his wife, Mrs. All participants had a great lunch at their place of residence.

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