Sport. busy weekend with several regional competitions

Itupevense sports representatives spent a weekend full of competitions. Modalities include men’s soccer, men’s basketball, bocce and track and field.

Men’s soccer loses Regionals Round of 16 game and bye
The Itupeva men’s football team lost to Salto on Thursday (11) in a valid match for the round of 16 regional games.

Led by Valdir Chamba as coach and Helio Marciano as assistant coach, Itupeva lost 1-0 with a goal scored in the 54th minute of the second half.

Athletes Antonio Francisco, Arthur Felipe, Diego dos Santos, Eric Nilo, Gilderlan Caio, Igor Sinken, Jean de Jesus, João Vitor, Caua William, Leandro Oliveira, Marcos Vinicius, Ronaldi de Oliveira, Ryan Soares, Thiago Vigo Barbosa, Yuri Bortolato, Iago Gabriel, Luan Henrique, Caio Rodrigo and Lucas Ribeiro.


Men’s basketball is seeded second in the regionals
Itupeva’s U21 basketball team played against Jundiaí on Sunday (14) and ended up losing 65-41. The valid fight for the regional games took place in Itu.

Itupeva’s team had already qualified for the next round of the competition and the clash served to decide who would finish first and second in the group.

Itupeva is managed by coach Victor Hugo, who has the following athletes: Lucas, Gustavo, Lyon, Alessandro, Webert, Kayo, Higor, Vinicius and Guilherme.


Men’s football. Itupeva U13 team played a friendly draw
Itupeva U13 men’s football team played to a 1-1 draw against Khundia in a friendly at the Centro de Lazer do Trabalhador (Campão) on Saturday (13). Itupevense’s goal was scored by Pedro, wearing jersey number 10.

Itupeva men’s volleyball team loses in Copa Jundiaí match
Itupeva senior men’s volleyball team lost 3 sets to 0 against Vôlei Amigos of Jundiaí last Saturday (13) in a valid match for the Jundiaí Cup.

In the game – partial 18 to 25, 14 to 25 and 17 to 25, Itupeva had the following athletes: Diogo, Gustavo, Giovanni, Juan, Newton, Moll, Rafael, Leo and Vinicius under the technical guidance of Professor China. and technical assistant Julia.

The next commitments will be on Saturday (20), for the Sorocaba Regional Games and the following day, in Hortolandia, for the Copa Jundiaí de Vôlei.

Athletes from Itupeva participate in the “Mãe Aparecida” race
Itupeva athletes took part in the Mae Aparecida race last Saturday (13) in Aparecida do Norte.

In total, the Municipality of Itupeva had 13 representatives (athletes) and Professor Glauko of the Department of Sports and Recreation, who guides the athletes during training during the week.

The group started training since the beginning of the epidemic with 8 runners and today it already has 95 athletes.


Bocha de Itupeva wins and takes over as vice-captain again

The Bocce team of Itupeva achieved an important victory last Saturday (13) for the 19th Ituana League Regional Bocce Championship.

Playing away from home, the cast of Itupeven faced the team of Jundiaí and won the match 4-1 in partial 18×08, 18×10, 18×16, 00×18 and 18×00.

With this result, the team regained the vice-leadership of the championship, losing only to the isolated leader Santa Rita from Sorocaba.

Team Itupeva, supported by Pizzaria Pizzarella, works with the following players: Valdir, Jose Strabelo, Toninho, Jair de Godoy, Dito Godoy, Yair Ribeiro, Marcinho, Gerson, Sabia, Jurandir, Divino, Valdemar, Alemao, Geraldo. , Argentina, Braz, Antonio Almeida and Admar.

This week the Itupeva team will travel to Itapetininga where they will face the local team from 2pm.

Below you can get acquainted with the results of the other matches of the tour and the current classification.


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