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Updated 30 August 22

See the classification of the city swimming championshipThe Municipal Swimming Championships held by the Municipality of Água Boa through the Department of Sports, Culture and Leisure in partnership with the Associação Atlética de Água Boa (AAAB) at AAAB last Saturday (27th) was a great success : bringing together 100 participants in female and male categories divided by age and distance.

According to swim instructor Yuri from the Agua Boa Sports Department, the event is very important because it serves as a boost and publicity for this sport, which is growing significantly in the municipality.

“The numbers show that the swimming community is growing. This year, 116 and 100 participants were registered, last time – 70. It is also a social work to save children to have a healthy activity and expend energy because it is a sport that burns a lot of calories and it is well practiced. We have children who come to learn to swim, others to learn a new sport and devote themselves to it. After many years of schooling, we already have a team representing Agua Boa. We had, for example, the 4th and 6th place in the state school, the result of the work of the entire swimming school,” he said.

Swimming is very important and noted for its various benefits as it works the entire body, including improved motor coordination, resistance, breathing aid, weight loss and much more. In addition, as Professor Iuri explained, “it can work with infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, that is, regardless of the age limit, it goes from birth to old age and is also a great tool in the rehabilitation process.”

See the classification of the city swimming championship below.

(2016, 2017 and 2018) 04, 05 and 06 years 12.50 m FEMALES
1st place: Esther Marquez de Amorim – Cooperensino
2nd place: Isabela Henrique Barca – Cooperensino
3rd Place: Rebecca Inacio Cunha – WYD
(2016, 2017 and 2018) 04, 05 and 06 years 12.50m MALE
1st place: Mauricio Ribeiro Godoy – Cantinho da Alegria
2nd place: Eduardo Carrara – Cuperencino
3rd place: Lucca Dorado Nazari – Cuperencino
(2015 and 2014) 07 and 08 years 12.50 m FEMALE
1st place: Giovanna Gasparetto Moreira – Cuperencino
2nd place: Maria Eduarda Oliveira Pessoa – Cuperencino
3rd place: Mariana Carrara – Cuperencino
(2015 and 2014) 07 and 08 years 12.50 m MALE
1st Place: Jose Pedro SK – WYD
2nd Place: Lucas Schuster Marchioretto – WYD
3rd Place: Felipe Gasparetto de Queiroz – WYD
(2013 and 2012) 09 and 10 years 12.50 m FEMALES
1st Place: Sophia Michaela Davis – WYD
2nd place: Luisa Silva M. – WYD
3rd Place: Ana Clara Oliveira Nogueira – Cecilia Meireles
(2013 and 2012) 09 and 10 years 12.50 m MALE
1st place: Matheus Rodríguez –
2nd place: Lucas Gabriel Almeida Specie – Cecilia
3rd place: Luis Antonio Schuster Marchioretto. – JMJ
(2011 and 2010) 11 and 12 years old 12.50 m KG
1st place: Maria Fernanda Wagner – Cuperencino
2nd Place: Ana Carolina Tura – WYD
3rd place: Julia Carvalho Moresco – Cuperencino
(2011 and 2010) 11 and 12 years 12.50 m MALE
1st Place: Noah Diogo Lima Davis – WYD
2nd place: Ricardo Machado O. Filho- WYD
3rd Place: Marcos Paulo Liel Prado – WYD
(2009 and 2008) 13 and 14 years 25 m IG
1st Place: Maria Fernanda Becker – WYD
2nd place: Gabrielle Vitória Almeida Spécie – Tiradentes
3rd place: Emmanuel Donini da Silva – Tiradentes
Adult 25 m IG
1st place: Wanderlea Dress
Adult 25m MALE
1st place: Alan Martins Oliveira
2nd place: Michael Soares Silva
3rd Place: Yuri de Lima Rodriguez

Per: Communication adviser of the municipality

Updated on August 22
This is where the city swimming championship takes placeÁGUA BOA – The Municipality of Água Boa, through the Department of Sports, Culture and Leisure and in partnership with the Água Boa Sports Association (AAAB), will host the Municipal Swimming Championships at AAAB on August 27 at 2:00 p.m.

The festival is for both genders and will be held in the following categories: , (2011-2010, 11-12 years old), (2009-2008, 13-14 years old), (2007-2006, 15-16 years old), (until 2005, 17 years old and above) ). Being within 12 meters (ages 6 to 12), 25 meters (ages 13 to 16) and 50 meters (ages 17 and up);

Registration is free and can be done until August 26 at the AAAB Secretariat, Avenida Araguaia, 551, Centro, Tuesday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., with an optional donation of 2 kg of non-perishable food.

All participants will receive medals, and the first three places will be awarded with personalized medals.

For more information: 66 98461-7881

By the Municipality of Agua Boa Communications Advisory

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