SBT reveals fatigue with CBF after losing dispute with Globo


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SBT complains of a “lack of transparency” by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in its deal with Globo to extend Copa do Brasil broadcast rights until 2026.

For the extension of the contract for the next few years, the head of the audience would offer 500 million BRL, 100 million BRL more than the current contract.

At SBT, the CBF’s decision to extend the Copa Brasil with Globo without further ado was not taken well. Narrator Teo Jose, at the Liga Forte Futebol press conference, asked Fluminense president Mario Bittencourt if there was a desire to negotiate “rights with transparency or do what the CBF did with the Brazilian Cup.”,” revealed columnist Flavio Ricco on this Friday (9).

According to Rico, an SBT narrator at the same event also praised Conmebol’s transparency model when Silvio Santos’ broadcaster contested the Libertadores rights and also lost them to Globo.

SBT, however, remained in the Copa Sudamericana, a competition that will be broadcast in 2023.

“We are pleased to announce the extension of Copa do Brasil’s long and successful partnership with Grupo Globo. The expertise of one of the world’s most innovative media companies puts Brazil’s most democratic competition in touch with millions of fans across multiple platforms. The agreement also guarantees us to expand the business in the coming years and increase revenues for the clubs of all 27 federations that compete in the Brazilian Cup,” said CBF President Ednaldo Rodríguez at the time of the announcement.

SBT wants the Brasileirão Serie B and the Carioca Championship next season

The competition for soccer television rights in Brazil promises another chapter soon, as the Brasileirão Series could leave Globo’s hands and go to SBT.

Broadcaster Silvio Santos has been in advanced talks with CBF top management to have the contest televised by SBT.

“According to everything that was discussed at the CBF, between the president of the organization and the directors of the SBT on Monday, the Brazilian Serie B championship is the only one that appears in the face of possible negotiations between the parties. – wrote Flavio Ricco.

Another competition that the Sao Paulo broadcaster is interested in is the Campeonato Carioca broadcast, which was shown on Record TV this year.

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