Santos plan to buy Vinicius Zanoselo despite a poor spell following Liska’s arrival

Vinicius Zanosello

Credit: Ivan Storti / Santos

Midfielder Vinicius Zanoselo was one of the main achievements of “Santos” in 2021. The player arrived at the club on the instructions of Fernando Dinis and quickly fell in favor of the “Santos” fan. However, with successive changes of coaches, he went through a bad phase.

Vinicius Zanosello is currently on a goal drought. The midfielder last rattled the net in Santos’ defeat to Flamengo in Round 15 of the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A on July 2nd.

In other words, he went 11 games without a goal or assist. It is the player’s biggest fast since he arrived at Villa Belmiro. With Fabian Bustos, Fabio Carrile and Fernando Dinis, the number 25 shirt was a key player in attack.

Vinicius Zanosello had a good first semester, where he was the main athlete of the Alvingro team. According to the “SofaScore” website, he has 85% correct passes, 89% own passes, 83% away passes and 74% scoring chances.

Also according to the site, sports data analytics specialist Vinicius Zanosello’s speech fell in half with Liska. In addition, the linked midfielder began to play more in the midfield role.

Season of Vinicius Zanosello

Games: 45:00

Wins: 15

No one: 17:00

Losses: 13

goals 5:00

Assists: 0

Minutes on the field: 3068

Despite the player’s poor phase, Santos president Andres Rueda intends to sign Vinicius Zanoselo permanently from Ferrovia. In an interview with “De Olho no Peixe” channel, the athlete mentioned the manager’s decision.

“First of all, it is necessary to recognize and congratulate the work of our president. I’ve never seen a president do what he’s doing at Santos, what he’s done with debt is impressive and he’s building his house. We should congratulate him for what he is doing,” he said,” the player said.

Vinicius Zanoselo joined Santos on loan from Ferrovia last June and has a contract until May 2023. The opportunity to acquire the economic rights is set at 2 million euros (10.3 million rials at current prices).

At that time, Santos paid Feroviaria R$500,000 for the loan. If you make the purchase, the amount will be charged to the transaction. In the last window, he received inquiries from Lazio and Napoli. However, the negotiations did not turn into official proposals.

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