Rafael Hetsheimer agreed to return to Flamengo. “Just happiness” |: basketball

Rafael Hetsheimer returned to “Flamengo”. After a season at Bauru, the pivot agreed to return to the Rubro-Negro club for the next edition of the NBB. In his first spell at Gavea in 2020/2021, the 2.11m São Paulo won the Champions League titles when he was named MVP of the Finals, NBB, Super8 and Carioca.

Pivot is another name confirmed for next season. In addition to him, “Flamengo” has already announced Rafael Rachel, Guy Deodato, Martin “Loku” Cuello, Rafael Mineiro, Nicola “Penca” Aguirre, Oliviana, Iago and Gabriel “Jay”. The coach will be Gustavo De Conti with an extended contract.

Rafael Hetsheimer returns to Flamengo — Photo: Gaspar Nobrega

– I am very happy to return to Mengao. I was very happy there, I have very good memories, we won big titles. I hope to be able to help the Nation achieve all of its goals for the season. I am happy to work with Gustavo again, who is a great coach besides being a great person. He’s a guy who’s helped me a lot both game-wise, tactically and physically. I really fit Gustavo’s style of play and hope to help the team. In short, it’s just happiness. I hope to have a great season, Hetsheimer said.

The pivot collects calls for the Brazilian national team. In 2015, he became the All-American champion in the jersey of Brazil. Hetsheimer played in Spain for eight years, playing for Real Madrid, Malaga and others. In addition, he also defended Franka for two seasons.

Besides the titles in “Flamengo”, the axis has other achievements. During his career, he collected the League of the Americas trophies, the two-time South American League champion and six titles with São Paulo. He was also the champion and MVP of the Super 8 Cup, champion of Brazil and champion of the Spanish League.

Rafael Hetsheimer for “Flamengo”. Photo: Disclosure/NBB

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