Queen on Olympus. Elizabeth II also excelled in sports the olympic games

Hailed for her vitality, Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday (8) aged 96, was an equestrian enthusiast. But Britain’s longest-reigning monarch’s relationship with sport goes beyond frequent horse riding and into Olympic history; he was the only person to declare both editions of the Summer Games open and shone as a character at the London opening ceremony. 2012 year. To stage the parachute arrival at the Olympic Stadium. Check out some moments of the Queen strutting around in a sporty environment.

The Parachute Queen at the London Olympics (Photo: Getty Images)

Olympic pills.  James Bond and Queen Elizabeth stunt double parachute in London

Olympic pills. James Bond and Queen Elizabeth stunt double parachute in London

The opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics was marked by a scene where Queen Elizabeth II and fictional police officer James Bond arrive together by parachute into the stadium. Of course, the scene was done by stuntmen, but it mesmerized everyone in the stadium and those watching on TV.

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The Queen at the London 2012 Opening Ceremony — Photo: Getty Images

One of the most anticipated moments of the opening ceremony is when the head of the host country declares the Olympic Games open. He had already done so in 1976 in Montreal, after all Canada is part of the British Commonwealth and he was already in office then (24 years ago). Thus, he became the only person in history who received this honor twice at the Summer Olympics.

The Queen at the opening ceremony of the 1976 Olympics (Photo: Getty Images)

The crisis in marriage in 1956

The Duke of Edinburgh at the opening of Melbourne in 1956. — Photo: Getty Images

He could declare the Olympics open three times. But in 1956, early in her reign, she advised her husband, Philip, then Duke of Edinburgh, to travel to Melbourne, Australia, for the opening ceremony. According to the newspapers of the time, the marriage was in crisis because Philip was always in the shadow of his wife, so the option of Elizabeth and her advisers was to give her husband an Olympic honor.


Princess Anne at the 1976 Olympics — Photo: Getty Images

Princess Anne, the daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, has always been very involved with sports. So much so that he is chairman of the British Olympic Association, the British Olympic Committee, the body that governs sport in the country and a member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Prior to that, in the 1960s/70s, he was a top-level equestrian athlete, even becoming European Champion in 1971 and participating in the 1976 Olympics when he was placed 24th.


Philip competed in the driving category — Photo: Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II’s husband, Prince Philip, was also very involved with equestrian sports. He was president of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) for 22 years, from 1964 to 1986, when the World Equestrian Games, a kind of equestrian Olympics, were created. He was an equestrian, a type of chariot racing that is not Olympic, but is part of equestrian sports, in which he won four medals.

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