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The sports universe is directly related to sports betting and as we know it is quite common for betting sites to have their own virtual casinos as well.

These casinos often feature games dedicated to sports fans, and basketball has already inspired a number of games along the way.

Experiencing football, basketball, tennis, or other sports to the fullest is what Internet users know is much more than just watching the games.

Today, with all the digital innovations, the possibilities are expanding and sports fans end up interacting with their favorite sports in many other ways, including sharing their opinions on forums, following the latest news or even placing sports bets on online gambling sites.

Being one of the favorite games of Brazilians, basketball ends up being one of the sports that drives the most interest online.

With the penetration of various media, this sport is generating a lot of interest among fans and hence the search for it survivors ultimately prompts consumption of other weather-related content.

So it’s no surprise that online slot games with this theme are very popular in online casinos.

But in the end, how did basketball influence the creation of these themed games?

And what other sports have inspired casino games?

Come and learn more about this topic.

Basketball. how it became a slot machine

Basketball became a slot machine (or slot machine) and the use of the theme was not limited to just one game, there are several that show that basketball no longer exists only on the playground.

Microgaming stands out in basketball related games as it developed the most popular slot, Basketball Star Deluxe Slot.

This slot has a basketball theme and has five lines and five reels, as well as a multiplier symbol and wild features that help enhance the gaming experience for basketball fans.

The game can be played on desktop or mobile, with mobile being the preferred medium in its original version.

Other sports featured in online casino slots

As much as basketball is our favorite, we can’t help but highlight other instances where the sport has featured prominently in slots.

Football, for example, appears in slot machines as Shoot.a slot celebrating Pele with a very interesting RTP and offering free spins regularly.

Apart from football, rugby also makes its presence felt in the world of gambling, where Rugby Star is one of the most popular slot machines in the sport, with five reels and 243 lines, symbols and many rewarding features.

Wild Pass is one of the most popular features of the game which always impresses the fans of this sport.

So, as you can see, both basketball and other sports inspire online casino games that allow fans to experience their passion for the seasons more intensely.

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