Pedrino Furlan, one of the founders of Sadia de Toledo, died early this Sunday morning.

Besides being an outstanding business pioneer, Pedrino Furlán was also a supporter of sports, mainly GRD (Rhythmic Gymnastics Desportiva) and several times he rose to the first level of the prefecture of Toledo, most of the time in the area. urban Development.

He even had a bill named after him that eventually became law. The program was born in 2015, populating GR and later spread to other sports practices.

The Furla and Fontana families are the ancestors of the 1944 Sadia, whose main founder is Attilio Fontana, the father-in-law of Osorio Furla, also deceased, who was Pedrinho’s brother.

The announcement of the death of Pedrino Furlan was made by his son Tita Furlan on social networks around 6:30 this Sunday morning (11). “Your mission was more than accomplished, dear father… Your legacy and principles will always remain our north.” Take hold of God’s hand and follow the path of the righteous. Rest in peace, Tita wrote.

This week, Tita was interviewed by Correio Live, and during the interview, her father and also Dona Moema, who is now a widow, were named.

The interviewer asked Tita Furlan if they approved of her foray into public life.

There is still no information on the time and place of the funeral of Pedroño Furlan, an honorary citizen of Toledo who died this morning.

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