Neto names 2022 Copa Sudamericana champion

Grandson of South America

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São Paulo was able to reverse the advantage of Atlético-GO and won the classification of the South American final. Patrick was on fire this Thursday at the Morumby Stadium and scored both goals in the win over the Dragons. Sao Paulo made it 4-2 on penalty kicks after the game.

For TV Bandeirantes presenter Neto, São Paulo are favorites to win the South American title.

“It’s worthy of what Sao Paulo did in the 90 minutes. And then, it shows the technical weakness of Atlético-GO when it loses 4-1 to Corinthians, with a comeback and a lead. Now also with the advantage of 3 to 1 and also losing. “San Paulo” and “Corinthians” excel. However, it went to penalties and cannot play in the final,” he begins.

“Sao Paulo is a big favorite to beat Independiente del Valle. This will be a very important game for Sao Paulo this year,” Neto added.

– We came out ranked in the continental tournament with all the problems facing Sao Paulo. We have the ability to win and next year’s schedule can change a lot. Let’s do our best in this competition. Time to head back to Sao Paulo. “Winning this competition is very valuable,” Seni said.

“I am satisfied with our game, their commitment. It makes me proud to see the team in the final, Morumbi, with 54 thousand people. It’s an international title that could happen. Flamengo defeats Sao Paulo in Copa do Brasil. If I had lost, it would have been a very different interview. Today, the fan goes home happy,” he adds.

Milton Neves commented on the South American final

In his UOL column, Milton praised Sao Paulo’s ranking. Even with the reverse score, he fought hard and could have taken the place in normal time, such meaningless chances.

“Sao Paulo deserved an epic night. And the penalties ended with the spice that was needed to make the fight even more remarkable for the tricolors. Luciano’s missed shot gave the club a scare in the penalty area. But apart from that, it was perfect as his opponent played out of the penalties that ended up disqualifying him. Hey Goianiense, how about playing popcorn outside the house, huh?

That against Independiente Del Valle, Sao Paulo will be great again and prove that they are still the giants of our continent. And I think it will end up, yeah, doing that.

In the singles match of the South American final, Sao Paulo will face Independiente Del Valle of Ecuador on October 1 in Cordoba, Argentina.

For Brasileirao, Sao Paulo welcome Corinthians for a classic at Morumbi on Sunday at 4pm (GMT).

– It is very different that you sleep as a champion and to play in the final. We are 90 minutes away from playing against a good team that has already played in the finals. If we become the 1st champion, be sure that I will sleep peacefully. Already starting to think about Sunday’s game

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