Mampituba/FME Criciúma Swimming participates in Pet

The competition takes place in the Olympic pool of the Federal University of Santa Catarina

The SR Mampituba/FME Criciúma swimming team leaves for Florianopolis this Friday at 9. In the capital, the team will compete on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th against 3rd state Mirim and Petiz. The competition takes place in the Olympic pool of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC).

Competitions will be held in Pre-Mirim (8 years old), Mirim 1 (9 years old), Mirim 2 (10 years old), Petiz 1 (11 years old) and Petiz 2 (12 years old) categories. women’s and men’s suits. “We will participate in this competition with 26 athletes. Everyone is well prepared for this competition. The expectation is that we can bring excellent results,” emphasizes the team’s coach. Ricardo Alexander.

he and the technicians Anderson de Oliveira and: Pablo Silvaas well as the assistant Livia DeLonghi will lead the Criciumense delegation at the competition. Athletes represent SR Mampituba/FME in Criciúma province. Leticia Netto Inocencio, Vinicius Ronchi Lupatini, Isabella Nunes Gall, Davi Granato Solda de Azevedo, Maria Eduarda Dornelles do Reis, Zara López Mandt, Andre Destro Zanoni, Laura de Espindola Campo, Andre Sommer Billedosoid Bellissimo, Daniel Carlesimo Ronchi Villeman, Davi Tomasz Checkin , Joao Vitor Pacheco Medeiros, Mateus Martins da Silva, Valentina Clementino Jasko, Vitoria Beatrice Pereira Formanski, Antonio Costa Sokol, Anthony Freitas Fabrics, Bernardo Brunel Scarpari, Larisa da Silva Richa, Larisa da Silva Richabe Caetano Spillere Mezari da Silva and Andreza da Oliveira Silva.

The Municipal Sports Foundation of Criciúma (FME) is a partner of the Mampituba swimming performance team, a member of the athlete training project that the club maintains through an agreement with the Brazilian Clubs Committee (CBC), through public notices.

Cooperation. Lucas Colombo |: MR Mampituba

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