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Physical and emotional fitness in addition to lots of attitude. So 137 athletes participated in the Macaé Karate Cup this Sunday (11). The event, which took place at the headquarters of Tênis Clube, marked the 6th round of the state ranking, which was carried out by the Fluminense Karate Federation (FKF) and the Samara Jardim Karate School, with the support of the municipality.

The promotion of sports practices and athletes was highlighted by Mayor Welbert Resende, who attended the official opening and award ceremony. “Macaé is starting to appear on the national and international scene as a sports reference, and this is due to the work done by the sports department of the municipality, which works from the base to the top athletes through the Bolsa Atleta. This assistance certainly contributes to all this as it enables these professionals to have support, whether it is to supplement their income or to travel and participate in more sporting events. I am very happy to be here today and I thank Jardim Karate School in Samara for bringing this stage to Macae, which we are very proud of,” Welbert said.

For Samara Jardim, Flamengo karate coach and president of the North/Northwest Commission of the Regional Council for Physical Education (CREF1), such moments only occur when looking at the evaluation of the sport. “Macaé is privileged to have a municipality that cares and supports sport. The city now hosts the sixth of the seven rounds that make up the state rankings, hosting athletes from across the state. All this is possible only with the support of the municipality and private sector entities, who perceive sports as an excellent tool for social transformation,” he emphasized.

Macae was well represented in the competition, Aquil Cardoso won two gold medals. “I have practiced karate since I was four years old, it is a great emotion to compete at home and achieve this result. I am very happy,” said the 12-year-old karate player.

At the age of 13, Vitor Melo was also part of the Makanese sports team, which secured his place on the podium. “This energy of the fans, the family, being in my city is very different, much more exciting,” he revealed, who won two medals, one gold and one bronze.

In the Macaé Karate Cup of the 6th stage of the state ranking, about 200 matches were held in 94 categories. The score will be added to the last, seventh stage, forming the state rating. “At the end of these seven rounds, the athlete with the highest points will be the winner of the 2022 rankings, as if it were the Oscars of karate in Rio de Janeiro,” explained Flavio Alexander, president of the Fluminense Karate Federation. , adding to the importance of internalizing such events. “It is very gratifying for us to be here in Macae, strengthening and promoting the sport in the interior of the state, increasing interest and discovering new talent,” he assured.

The possibility of hosting the state stage was also mentioned by the Sports Secretary Marvel Meile. “This is a great opportunity to give visibility to our athletes and karate. Makae returned to playing sports. All our playgrounds are occupied by teachers from the sports department who deal with the elderly and children. It’s the democratization of access to sports that reaches all parts of the city,” he concluded.

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