Joe Soares was a sports fan and covered the Olympics the olympic games

At the age of 84, Joe Soares died this Friday. The presenter, comedian, actor and writer was also a sports fan. He even played hockey and rowing as a teenager. He always followed the games of the Brazilian basketball team, which is led by Uncle Canela. He even covered the Sydney Olympics as a commentator for TV Globo, in addition to interviewing several sports legends in the Programa do Jô, which aired between 2000 and 2016. He was a fan of Fluminense.

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— Photo: info sport

Jose Eugenio Soares’ relationship with sports started early. He studied in Switzerland from the age of 12 to 17. It was there in Lausanne that Jo Soares joined the ice hockey team and became one of the highlights of the school championships of the 50s.

“I was a real sportsman, I also attended rowing lessons,” Joe Soares told gshow.

Joe Soares playing hockey in 1954 — Photo: TV Globo/Programa do Jô

Sports was a family passion. Jo Soares was the nephew of Renan Soares, also known as Canela, the coach of the Brazilian men’s basketball team of Togo. He cherished the memories of his uncle Canela’s achievements, especially beating the USA in the 1963 final to win the World Cup twice.

– It was a similar reaction to our first soccer World Cup, but focused on Rio de Janeiro (the host of the tournament). The city went crazy. The Maracana explodes with joy from the victory, just as the Maracana was supposed to explode in the final of the 1950 World Cup. And the players catch my uncle Canela. He was highly respected, he was a genius in what he did, Jo Soares recalled in an interview with Globo Esporte.

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Joe Soares dedicated to his uncle Canela in the book “O Eterno Campeão” — Photo: Reproduction

When he returned to TV Globo in 2000, Jo Soares joined the commentary team for the Olympics. Went to Sydney to cover the Olympics.

Joe Soares and Sextet in Olympic Suits - Synchronized Swimming

Joe Soares and Sextet in Olympic Suits – Synchronized Swimming

Sports, especially football, were the subject of constant jokes by comedians. As a talk show host, Joe Soares has also hosted several sports legends. Pele, Ronaldo and Zagalo, for example, were interviewed by him.

Jo Soares and Pele — Photo: TV Globo/Zé Paulo Cardeal

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