Ironman 70.3 Sao Paulo has Brazilian wins – 09/11/2022

The victory of Brazil in Ironman 70.3 Sao Paulo. This Sunday morning (11), at the Cidade Universitária de São Paulo, Felipe Bergamini and Patricia Franco won the overall titles of the competition, valid for the world circuit. Felipe from Rio Grande do Sul secured the top of the podium for the first time, completing the 1.9km swim in Raya da USA, the 90km in Marginal Pinheiros and the 21.2km run inside the university town in 3h56m26s, followed by José Bellarminó. 2019 champion: 3h57m20s and Paulo Puccinelli: 4h00m19s.

Patricia once again confirmed a good round of the 2022 season. São Paulo-based Minas Gerais won its fourth edition of Ironman 70.3 this year, with Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, Maceio and now São Paulo being the highlights. the competition. She set a time of 4h27m21s, a good lead over second place Camila Bilato at 4h36m48s. Ana Laura de Almeida completed the podium in 4h43m24s.

Race defines Ironman 70.3 champion São Paulo

Three years after its debut on the circuit, the capital of São Paulo once again hosted Ironman 70.3. And, as in the first edition, the stage was marked by beautiful arguments and a strong rhythm, imposed by about 1850 participants from 20 countries. The cold day and light rain sometimes demanded a lot from the participants. For men, this balance was even more pronounced, with only the definition of the best in the race. Former professional Marcus Fernandez led the swim and bike sessions, but was overtaken by Felipe and Bellarmine in the race anyway. The title, however, was in the hands of Felipe, the most regular on the stage.

“I’m still living a dream because I worked hard for this result. Since I’m going pro at the end of this year, I needed this kind of result. It was a tough year, and that’s why winning at home. it was special, so I’m happy and excited,” emphasized the champion, who set his best time in the long distance. “To win like that, against such strong competitors and with my personal best, was very special.”

Patricia Franco maintains hegemony on the perimeter

In turn, the female dispute has been much calmer. Coming off an excellent moment, Patricia Franco won the circuit for the fourth time with the remainder. The São Paulo-based triathlete from Minas Gerais performed better in the three modalities, finishing almost ten minutes ahead of second place, although his result, on a personal note, fell short of expectations. He is now preparing for the 70.3 Worlds in Utah, United States, in October.

“I didn’t ride as well as I would have liked, but I had a decent swim and a good run, so I didn’t have my best result, but they are different races, so you can’t compare. However, I liked it very much and was happy,” declared the champion.

Despite her above-average scores compared to other athletes, Patricia does not think that there is a lack of competition.

“I think all girls who drop out have potential. It could be that one of them is having a good day and beats me. So, because I always want to win, I fall into every race trying to do my best because in any competition I can find competitors of the same level as me,” he remarked.

Ironman 70.3 Sao Paulo 2022 Results

Male: 1) Felipe Bergamini (BRA), in 3h56m26s; 2) Jose Belarmino (BRA), in 3h57m20s; and 3) Paulo Puccinelli (BRA), in 4h00m19s.

Feminine. 1) Patricia Franco (BRA), in 4h27m21s; 2) Carolina Bilato (BRA), in 4h36m48s; and 3) Ana Laura de Almeida (BRA), in 4h43m24s.

Other results at (Yuri Totti)

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