Incredible! The Brazilian hit the basketball hoop from a height of 150 m basketball

An image that looks incredible. 25-year-old Brazilian Gabriela Chisolini achieved an incredible feat when she shot from a height of 150 meters, equivalent to a 50-story building. For three days, the Esporte Espetacular team exclusively accompanied the resident of Assisi, attempting 505 times until the ball entered the basketball hoop inside the quarry on the east side of Sao Paulo. The brand is the first in the world to be registered by a woman.

Quarry challenge. is a basket 150 meters high possible?

– God always! Every challenge is very difficult, very persistent, always. I never stopped trying. Things I’ve always wanted so much, no matter how hard it is, I can’t stop trying. he excitedly mentioned shortly after the hit.

Quarry challenge.  is a basket 150 meters high possible?

Quarry challenge. is a basket 150 meters high possible?

Since 2017, the young woman has been sharing unusual and difficult baskets on social networks. During the epidemic, he had the idea to shoot from the window of the apartment on the seventeenth floor of Assisi. It worked and went viral by leaps and bounds.

Quarry challenge.  is a basket 150 meters high possible?

Quarry challenge. is a basket 150 meters high possible?

Gabriela Cizzolini hits the basket from 150 meters to become the women’s world record — Photo: Lorena Dillon

– I started making and posting for people to see and like. It’s hard to see girls doing challenges like this. I didn’t think it would have the impact it has today. Captivating audiences from childhood to seniors. I saw a guy shooting from the top of a quarry and I wanted to bring that to my challenges and since I live in the countryside it’s hard to access very high places. I saw the building and thought I might have a chance to try a shot,” he explained of the first few daring baskets he usually shares on his profile.

Gabi, a physical education teacher at one of the city’s schools, also uses her ability to “magic” with a basketball to playfully teach children how to get started in the sport. During classes, he performs such exercises as throwing his back to the table.

Incredible!  A Brazilian hits a basketball hoop from a height of 150 m and sets a world record

Incredible! A Brazilian hits a basketball hoop from a height of 150 m and sets a world record

Gabriela Chizzolini is successful in the nets with her unusual baskets — Photo by Jonathan Santos

For those who browse Gabi’s profile, they come across interesting baskets made with their feet, a baseball bat, balls of various sizes in holes that seem impossible to hit.

Gabi took on the challenge, inspired by Australian Derek Herron, owner of the world’s tallest brand, registered at 201 meters above the ground, manufactured in Lesotho, South Africa in 2018. Because there is no gender difference for this species. is a record, the Brazilian woman cannot be officially listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as a women’s record.

See behind the scenes of the challenge

To confirm the feat, Gabi was accompanied by a team of 5 cameras, including a drone and micro cameras, so she could record her experiments. The Lajeado quarry, located on the east side of São Paulo, is owned by the father of Sandro Diaz, one of the national skateboarding legends. With the Zero Chance project, the skater created a team of talented people to carry out challenges like Gabriela Chisolini.

There were over 100 shots on the first day of practice and the ball in the hoop on the third practice. On the second day of filming, Hortense showed up to check out the challenge. One of the biggest names in women’s basketball was impressed with her height.

Behind the scenes of basketball challenge rehearsals at the Sandro Diaz Quarry — Photo by Henrique Daniel

– My stomach freezes just looking at it!!! If you understand correctly, I stop, I leave. I can’t see the basket that’s there. How are you going to hit the basket from here? If you get it right, it will be amazing. An unprecedented thing. I’ll be happy, but it’s hard. There is noise here, there is wind, everything disturbs. You have to concentrate a lot, forget that we are here. Excited for today, girl… are you good? – commented the former player, who watched many shots, but could not witness the moment of the shot.

The most anticipated moment came early in the morning of the third day, on the 505th attempt. In addition to the basket’s 150-meter depth, Gabi needed strength to conquer the 80-meter distance in a straight line. After the celebration, the quarry workers tried casting and confirmed the degree of difficulty. No one managed to get the ball close to the board.

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