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After being selected 55th overall in the draft, Guy Santos is making a good impression for the Golden State Warriors. After seven games for the reigning NBA champions, the Brazil national team player commented on how his first steps in the world’s biggest basketball league are going.

– The experience was completely different for me, it’s something I’ve never experienced before. The game here is very different from where I’ve played. both in international competitions and in competitions in Brazil itself, in the NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) itself. Because here the game is very fast and the athletes are very athletic. All, all, without exception. They are very aggressive in defense and the game is also going much faster, said Gui Santos.

Gui Santos — Photo: Golden State Warriors reproduction

– While you think you are free, in fact, there is already a guy on your tail and you have to completely change your shot. Or you have to bowl a lot faster than usual to avoid taking the off-stump,” the Brazilian concluded.

At just 20 years old, the winger has been a standout in the Warriors’ pre-season. First, for the California Classics, preseason games against the Sacramento Kings, Lakers and Miami Heat, and later in the Las Vegas Summer League, a contest contested by youngsters looking for a spot in the starting lineup. By the NBA and players who already have a guaranteed contract. In total, Santos played 7 games, three as a starter, averaging 10.8 points, 3.2 rebounds and 1.5 assists.

Gui notes that despite the completely different experience, there is no secret formula. On the contrary, the main tip he received from the technical team boils down to collectiveness and agility.

It’s about playing for yourself and playing for others. They’re just asking you not to be a guy who holds onto the ball too long and to make quick decisions. They ask you to play hard, have all the freedom to make the best decisions and perform at your best on the court,” said the 20-year-old athlete, who has yet to graduate.

They say. “Play, show your game. Be comfortable on the court, be a guy who plays for you, but also plays for others.”

The preseason in the U.S. comes after Gui had two solid seasons in Brazilian basketball. In 2021, he was selected by the Minas Tennis Club as the Young Important and Highest Evolutionary Player of the NBB. In 2022, he won the Sixth Man of the Year award, averaging 10.1 points, 5.1 rebounds and 2 assists.

Even with the difference in style and performance in basketball in the two countries, Gui says the changes are more due to the game being played and that there is no specific direction for each athlete.

– There are games that you will be more open to scoring. There are games in which the defense is more closed and you have to find an outside pass, make good decisions, not force the ball so much. This is the difference between the game and the other. It is not a concrete thing that they come in and say. “You’re going to play this role today,” because it’s kind of impossible to do. You have to play according to the game, with what the game gives you, and you make your decisions from there.

Gui Santos tackles the San Antonio Spurs — Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

In the game against the New York Knicks, the winger was highly praised by the Warriors coaching staff. In an interview with the NBA TV station, Kenny Atkinson, the assistant head coach of the Warriors, expressed his admiration for the young man’s game.

– I called Steve [Kerr, técnico dos Warriors] this morning and said. “Steve, maybe you could find something here.” I have already found a place for him in the rotation. He obviously needs to develop the physical part, but he is an interesting player.”

Gui Santos in the 2022 Summer League

opponents New York Knicks San Antonio Spurs Boston Celtics Oklahoma City Thunder
Date: July 08 July 10 July 12 July 15
minute 22:00 17:00 23:00 15:00
Spots 8 o’clock 4: 12:00 10:00
reflections 3 defensive 1 offensive, 2 defensive 3 offensive, 5 defensive
help 1: 1: 1:
Circulations 3: 4: two two
theft 1: 1: 1:
the trunks 1: 1:
Use of Court 2/6 (33.3%) 1/6 (16.7%) 5/9 (55.6%) 4/7 (57.1%)
the use of three 1/2 (50%) 0/3: 2/3 (66.7%) 1/3 (33.3%)
free throws 3/4 (75%) 2/3 (66.7%) 0/1: 1/3 (33.3%)

On social networks, “Golden State” published a video for fans to learn more about the Brazilian who arrived in the NBA. In the clip, Gui comments on his childhood relationship with basketball, when his parents were players and they met while playing. The winger also comments on Leandrinho’s importance in life and breaks down in tears following the news that he has been selected by the Warriors.

Despite his strong performance, Gee did not count in the Warriors’ 87-77 loss to the Washington Wizards, the team’s final summer league game. Now the San Francisco franchise will decide the fate of the young talent. Despite being selected 55th in the draft, Price does not yet have a contract, but the rights to the youngster belong to the defending champions.

In the next season, the Brazilian has three possible ways. You can play in the NBA Development League (G-League), be sent to another foreign league, or even stay in Brazil for a year. It’s still possible, but unlikely, that the 20-year-old gets one of the 15 main cast spots in the first season, along with Stephen Curry and company.

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