Games in +60 Jundiaí are now open for registration

Games in +60 Jundiaí are now open for registration

Posted on 09/06/2022 at 18:04

Registration is now open for senior athletes who wish to participate in the +60 games to be held on September 25th and 29th in Jundia starting at 8am. Supported by the Municipality of Jundiaí through the Sports and Leisure Management Unit (UGEL) Department of Educational Sports and Participation (DEEP) in collaboration with the Public Policy Advisor for the Elderly and COMDIPI (Municipal Council for Personal Rights). ) elderly people), the purpose of the event is to value and encourage the practice of sports in the municipality as a factor in promoting the health and well-being of people aged 60 and over.

To secure a place in the pageant, applicants must register by completing an electronic form by September 16 (modals) via this link and September 23 (Miss and Mister) via this link. The meetings will be held at CECE Dr. Nicolino de Luca (Bolao), CECE in Antonio de Lima, Agapema and Juventus Club (Tr. Mazzali, 101).

“Encouraging physical activity helps people to have an active and healthy lifestyle with social interaction provided by sports,” UGEL manager Luis Claudio Tarallo emphasized.

More information about the dispute can be obtained by calling (11) 4589-6944 or (11) 4589-6946.
Senior athletes are the target audience for the competition and will be aiming for medals in 12 events: athletics, bocce, pits, checkers, dominoes, ballroom dancing, swimming, tennis, table tennis, trick-or-treating, adapted volleyball and chess. Almost all disputes will take place in CEC dr. Nicolino de Luca (Bolão), in Anhangabau and ESEF.

The exceptions will be bocce, with competitions at the CECE Antônio de Lima, in the Agapeama district, and the Miss, Mister and Ballroom Dance competitions, as well as the closing ball, which will take place at the Clube Juventus, in the Vila Campos Sales district.

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