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You might not even like sports, but it’s almost impossible not to hear the voice of 72-year-old Galvao Bueno in Brazil for the past four decades.

Globo’s narrator sold emotions, as he likes to say, stumbled, as he admits, and recorded victories and defeats in football, F1, athletics, boxing, basketball, swimming and a wide list of other sports.

An omnipresent figure in the country’s biggest broadcaster’s broadcast of major events, he is now preparing his farewell to television. “I am stopping on December 18, at the final of the World Cup. It will be my last essay on open television,” he says. Leaflet.

The broadcaster says he has a contract with Globo not to sign with any other broadcaster. “I even received some offers, but I don’t buy,” he says.

Your future will be in new digital platforms like YouTube and Facebook. It will have an interview channel and is in talks with companies for other editorial products. “I will not be influential, I want to be a publisher in this digital world,” he states.

In Globo that he will leave, he believes that another Galvao Bueno will not appear. “It’s a matter of quantity, not quality. I did everything,” he explains.

The world where the broadcaster monopolized the main events and the storyteller dominated the scale no longer exists. Broadcast rights have been pulverized. The audience leader no longer has F1, the Champions League and has gone three seasons without the Libertadores, for example.

“And even “Globo” doesn’t want someone to focus the stories as much as I do,” he admits.

Have you recently had surgery? Are you in good health? It all worked out and I’m fine. Today I even made an embaixadiña for a special that Globo is recording. The doctor will kill me. Life is like that, I don’t like to stop.

The surgery I had to do for something old from when I was playing basketball. I crashed and went six months without playing. That’s when I had the wisdom, at age 23, to trade the ball for the microphone.

How will your farewell to Globo be? There will be a lot, even a documentary. It is a beautiful work. It’s a Globoplay series that combines my life with many things I’ve told, achievements in Brazil, clubs, F1, Ayrton Senna and all that.

I stop on December 18, the cup final. It is 41 years of Globo, 48 years of television. It will be my last essay on open television. I have an agreement with “Globo” and I will not go to another station. There are even some suggestions, but I won’t do it.

Story ever again. Not on TV. My platform change is set. We have good projects underway.


And then what’s your plan? A globe? I will have my channel, I have connections with these communication companies, with these new ones. The project is big, I talked to Joao Pedro Paes Leme (Play9, colleague of Felipe Neto), who was my editor at Globo. I don’t intend to be an influencer, I want to be a publisher in this digital world, on these platforms. I don’t imagine myself retired.

Globo released a sports commercial for broadcasters to advertise. Did you like it? Yes, it wasn’t allowed before, something changed at Globo. I traded with Roberto Marinho Neto [ex-diretor da área de Esporte], who is my friend. We changed the contract and I was free to do so [comerciais].

Is there no conflict in selling a product for a journalist? I don’t think it interferes with my work. I turned down a few ads. I just do what feels like what I am. That’s not an offer I’m taking. I’ve built trust and been out of these campaigns for a long time, so there was a lot of demand.

How do you describe yourself? journalist, communicator? In reality, I am a mix of an emotional salesperson and a tightrope walker. I have walked on a razor’s edge for 48 years. On the one hand, there is the emotion that I have to sell, on the other hand, the reality of the facts, from which I cannot escape. I’m always that tightrope walker. Sometimes I stumble. I’ve taken a lot of beatings in my life. Today I even get very little.

Even in networks social? It’s nothing, as if I liked the boys myself. Today I am in the dating phase.

How do you see the dispersal of rights when Globo loses F1 and the championships? Was it difficult to have another Galvão Bueno centering so many passes? What I’m saying may sound pretentious, but there won’t be another Galvao. It is not about quality, but about quantity. Do you know why? I did everything for a long time. I did the F1, the Olympics, the championships, the Brazilian and regional title deciders, the Brazilian team, the cup. This should not exist. Because broadcast rights are more pulverized, and it’s not even Globo’s idea to have one [que concentre transmissões]. But won’t you ask who will be my successor? (is laughing)

Who will it be? He has two teammates who have been ready for a long time: Luis Roberto and Kleber Machado. There are new people, Gustavo Villani, Everaldo Marquez and those who are at SporTV, Milton Leyte and Luis Carlos Junior. The direction of the house will tell whether it will be the owner. They serve us very well. I think it will be decided who will play the team’s first game after December 18.

Is it true that you have the highest salary at Globo? I have always said that I earn more than I should and less than I deserve. But I don’t know the salary of others to compare. Now there was one thing I wasn’t advertising. Faustao, Ana Maria Braga and Heck did it, so it was only fair that I earned some, right? But I can say one thing: I have always earned very well at Globo.

What were your best moments? The three gears are very special. Ayrton Senna’s first title in 1988. I had an accurate idea of ​​his feelings. Team Tetra in 1994. That madness, that screeching voice that screams “it’s a tetra!” I used to joke with the genius Luciano do Valle that we were cold-blooded. We started in 1974 and the team has never won since. And the third moment was the silver medal in the men’s 4×100 race of the 2000 Olympic Games.

Besides the moments, I keep the people I learned from. I had three masters. Boni (Jose Bonifacio de Oliveira Sobrinho, former director of Globo) who told me that it is always possible to do better. There was Armando Nogueira, who taught me to recognize mistakes. Once I missed the goal in the story and blamed the light. Armando called me and said: “You missed an opportunity to further engage your audience. Admit your mistake and apologize.” Every time I make a mistake, I apologize and remind him. And I add Pele, who I have never seen deny a photo and an autograph. For those who live on the love of others, this is a commitment.

From the relationship with the leaders, he regrets that he came close too much? I think at one point I had an even better relationship than I should have with Ricardo Teixeira, the former president of the CBF. The recent history of our KBF direction is a disgrace. Teixeira had to leave to avoid arrest, Marco Polo Del Nero never left Brazil to avoid arrest, Jose Maria Marin was arrested.

Teixeira was very attractive. I had a moment of intimacy. I have no political friends, I have no leading friends. I have coaches, players, former players. This is my world.
And there’s J Hawilla, but that’s different. This has been a very dear friend since we started doing radio. He became a great businessman. He passed away with extreme grief. He recognized the mistakes.

Brazilian team

Does Neymar have the football to be the best in the world? His chance is this trophy. He is a key player in the national team, but I am very excited about the new kids that have come in. Rafinha, Winnie Jr., is a flying child. They have to play and that’s good for Neymar.

Neymar can be a little more Messi when he shoots, complain less. Or does Messi not take too many beatings? Neymar carries a lot. But he doesn’t need to complain so much. He needs a little more rest. Be happy!

Is there pressure from Globo not to talk bad about Neymar? Neymar has become a subject… Say something, the sister goes to social networks to complain. Say something else, the father writes such heavy texts.

After all this time it doesn’t bother me. I will continue to make comments. I hope that he shines, that he is our great player, that the hexagon will come, and I can speak his name with joy, with happiness.

There’s pressure on everything you say on TV. I have nothing to do with anyone’s personal life. I criticize and comment on what is from the village.

You’ve lived with multiple coaches in selection coverage. What was the best and worst thing you saw? Zagallo is the best. I’m not saying the worst…

And the best conversation. Vanderlei Luxemburgo, my friend. At the Copa America, which he won, we would talk until 4 in the morning.

And the worst. The lion. Lately I have been talking with him, we did a show together, but at one time he was a bag in the selection.

7 to 1

You recently said that Luiz Felipe Scolari never answered you after 7-1, do you know why? what? That was my comment from Jornal Nacional. I would very much like to talk to him. I left two hundred messages.

On the eve of 7-1, we spoke with him in Jornal Nacional. We were without a captain [Thiago Silva] and without Neymar. I said, are we going with 2002, with three defenders, two defensive midfielders?

“I can’t play like this in Brazil. I have several players to replace Neymar, I am calm.” Boy, I meant to say bent. But I couldn’t talk, could I?

Then what happened happened. My comment became editorial after the defeat. It lasted more than three minutes. It was made by eight hands with Ali Kamel [diretor de jornalismo]Renato Ribeiro [diretor de esportes]Joao Pedro Paes Leme and me.

I was tough because I had to be tough. But how many compliments have I given him in my life? How many times have we laughed together?

What was it like to stop telling F1? During 41 years of telling, I caught the golden stage in Brazil, won titles, I was lucky. So I would say weaning. Since I keep animals, establish relationships, I know that weaning is a difficult thing for an animal.

Did you enjoy F1 storytelling more than football? No, I’ve always said it takes more. It’s harder than the football you keep reporting on. F1 is like doing a samba school parade, you have to understand the plot. So, you have to be very close, have information. Learn the strategy being used and why it is being used.


How do you see the current situation in Brazil? A very difficult moment, a very big confrontation and belligerence. I hope people will have a little more sense and calm.

In recent days, following the threats of President Jair Bolsonaro, there have been movements to reaffirm the importance of democracy. Do you support such initiatives? Of course I’m a Democrat. In 1968, I was 18 years old and I was in Brazil. I have lived through the hardships of a coup and a military dictatorship. He was clearly aware of things. I have spoken in permanent meetings, I have run away through the bushes, I have been beaten by the police, I have smelled tear gas.

Do you intend to announce a vote? No, but I agree and support movements for democracy.


Galvao Bueno, 72
A storyteller and presenter, he has worked in radio and television for 48 years, 41 of them at Globo. The World Cup to be held in Qatar will be the 13th.

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