From the pool at home to the glow of Aracaju

Father Luis Antonio condemned him. “Everyone here at home will learn to swim so that no one drowns and drowns.” And so Lais went to make his first shots, still two years old. lucky for him the pool was indoors. Lais Gasparini, born in Vitoria, liked the “commitment” and began to play sports diligently. Today, at the age of 17, he is simply responsible for all the medals Espirito Santo has won in swimming at the Aracaju 2022 Youth Games so far. “The funny thing is that I have five brothers and they all went through the same ‘baptism’ that my father did. Everyone has already entered the water,” the capix expert laughs.

Lais has already won four medals at the games: two gold and two silver. One of the gold medals was in the 50m freestyle, the fastest swimming event, which he chose as his favourite. No wonder one of his idols is Bruno Fratus. “I like him because he’s very good, but he always hit the post, finished fourth. But he didn’t give up and won an Olympic medal (bronze at the Tokyo 2020 Games).”

Lais says she loves participating in youth games. According to him, he always makes new friends while participating. He likes it so much that at the last Blumenau 2019 (when they were still two rounds and called the School Games), he split between athletics and swimming. “I also competed in track and field and even thought about doing it now. But I had a knee injury, and besides, the athletics and swimming events were held here on the same days. It didn’t work out, I chose swimming.”

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