Franca runs in 3rd quarter, beats Rio Claro for 2nd win in Paulista | basketball

A pair of second-half three-pointers led Franca Basket to an 85-70 win over Rio Claro on Wednesday night at Felipe Karam at Rio Claro (SP). The game was in effect for the second round of the Paulista Championship.

Rio Claro’s Wesley Cena led the game with 16 points, but Lucas Diaz and Jorginho added 15 points and 11 rebounds.

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On Friday, 100% success with two wins from two games, Franca visit Araraquara at Cess Gymnasium at 6.30pm, while Rio Claro travel to Bauru to face the hosts in the Pressure Cooker at 6pm. 30 at 20:30 in search of his first win in two rounds.

Rio Claro started with a good rhythm and traded baskets with Franca. But from a more strategic defense, the guests hindered the work of the lion’s ball in attack and started to make it difficult for the home team. With that, the Franks closed the initial quarter at 19 to 15.

In the second period, Rio Claro responded and used the pick and roll several times to beat the French defense and make it 29 to 28, with Americans Kenny Dawkins and Desmond Holloway doing well in addition to key Wesley Cena. Coach Helinho needed two timeouts to hit Franca, and from there the game changed.

Lucas Diaz led the offense with 11 points to give Franca a 33-31 halftime lead.

Santiago Scala helped Franca beat Rio Claro in Felipeão — Photo by Marcos Limonti/Ceci Franca

Before the break, the rhythm was maintained when returning to the court, and then the Franks came on the field to Felipe Karam. There were five three-pointers from Lucas Mariano, Jorginho and Santiago Scala, and the team scored as many points in the third quarter as it had in the previous two periods: 33, while Rio Claro scored 14. Total: 21. points in front of visitors: 66 to 45.

With such an advantage, the last quarter was ceremonial, with baskets exchanged between the teams and a slight improvement of the home team, but without scaring the management of Franca, which closed the fight with a score of 85-70.

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