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There is an old request from fans that has recently started to be answered. One of the team’s biggest idols will have his own special product line. Atlético-MG Business Director Leandro Figueiredo has launched a project that will focus on striker Hulk, get to know the details.

Hulk toy line

In an interview with the Charla Podcast, Leandro Figueiredo was asked about the toy line. While he didn’t reveal too many details, he did say that the line is “going strong” and that fans will be able to get special t-shirts, dolls and other items featuring the Hulk.

The idea of ​​creating a special line is an old request from fans, even Atlético-MG even tried to talk to Marvel to have the comic book superhero be part of the project. However, the negotiations did not progress.

About the origin of the idea, Leandro Figueiredo says that it is also related to sports leagues in the United States> to which he added: “This is cultural. And the players stay longer in the club. Here in Brazil, once a player arrives and marketing starts developing a project, you will need 120 days. In the case of an epidemic problem, it can take more than six months. When you start, you run the risk of the guy changing clubs.”

Hulk’s choice as an idol

During the interview, Leandro Figueiredo reflected on some experiences about how the striker cares about his opinion about the public, especially the fans of the club. He revealed that he received a video of a child with cerebral palsy and that he has hunger triggers, Atlético-MG games and Hulk games,

Thus, in the image of a young 13-year-old fan, it was possible to see how he celebrates Hulk’s goal. The request went to Leandro Figueiredo who needed help with a video for a custom chair. The director immediately called Hulk to participate and reported that the attacker said: “Are we going to do it differently? In addition to the video, I will send the chair to him. It’s the least I can do for everything I’ve ever received in my life.”

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