Danilo Cabral visits Centro Santos Dumont and promises to create new sports parks in Pernambuco 2022 elections in Pernambuco

Danilo Cabral, candidate for the government of Pernambuco by the PSB, visited the Santos Dumont Sports Center this Wednesday (7), in Boa Viagem, in the southern zone of Recife. Accompanied by activists and supporters, he promised to create three identical machines in each district of the state (see video above).

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The candidate also said that he will expand the “Conquer the World of Sports” program, which guarantees the opportunity for athletes in the public education system to exchange abroad.

Danilo Cabral (PSB) visits the Santos Dumont Sports Center in Recife — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

“We want to universalize the presence of sports courts in all schools in the state of Pernambuco and invest in equipment like Santos Dumont, which serves not only to practice sports, but also to train athletes,” he said.

According to Danilo Cabral, the resources to invest in the creation of this new equipment will come from the state’s education budget.

“Each equipment, which we will call regional sports centers, costs about 7 million rials, that is, 21 million rials, which will be implemented with government funds,” he said.

Danilo Cabral also said that the sports center is a national reference. “We have big national sporting events here. In the next few days we will have, for example, the José Finkel Prize, which is the biggest swimming competition in Brazil and which for the first time has left the south and south-east axes.” – he announced.

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