Corinthians are in control of the Sorocaba league and have won their fourth straight game at Paulista de Basket.

Corinthians returned to the courts for Paulista de Baskette on Saturday night and won the Sorocaba League 87-72. The game is valid for Key B played by Ginásio Dr. Gualberto Moreira in Sorocaba celebrated Timao’s second victory in the second round of the state competition.

The scorer of the match was winger Isaac Gonsalves, who scored 19 points. Still on the winning side, Maike with 18 points and winger Kau Borges, also with 18, were the other players who scored the most goals and were among the highlights of the match.

For the Parque San Jorge team, this was the sixth victory in 12 games in the current season and in the Paulista league. It should be noted that Timao went to the second round in Group B, where they qualified. playoffs only the top three teams.

In this round, teams will play one round in their respective brackets, reversing control of the first round of the state championship. Five games will be played from September 6 to 21.

write it down – “Corinthians” basketball team will play the third match of the second round of the tournament next Tuesday. On that occasion, Timao will have an opponent in Rio Claro Basket at 19:00 outside of their domain.


Coach Leo Figueroa did not favor changes to the starting line-up with the starting five that beat Araraquara in the second leg of the relegation last Wednesday. Therefore, the Corinthians went to the court in the following formation. Cau Borges, Isaac Gonsalves, Zach Graham, Mike and Maozinha.

The game

first room

“Corinthians” were far superior in the first quarter of the match. Timao made good progress in the opening ten minutes. The Alvingra team finished the first part of the match with a nine-point difference in the Sorocabana League. The score ended 26-17.

Second bedroom

In the second round, “Corinthians” continued to manage the advantage built in the first quarter. Until the middle of the second quarter, the two teams traded points, without Tima being able to expand, nor did the Sorokabana league decrease the index. Five minutes ago the score was 34-25.

Behind the marker, the home team accelerated the pace of the match and started creating difficulties for Timao. “Corinthians” started to make a lot of mistakes, but managed to get back into the fight and stay ahead of the score, increasing the advantage by one point. “Corinthians” came out of the locker room victorious 46 to 36, ten more than the competitor.

“Corinthians” stood out in the first two quarters of the fight due to Maike, who became a partial author with 14 points.

Third room

At the break, “Corinthians” did not slow down the pace and kept the match going very well. Timao imposed his game and further extended his lead on the scoreboard. In the middle of the fourth round, the Alvingra team was winning 60-43, marking the difference of 17 points. Sorocabana League had already lost on the court, not being able to touch Alvingra’s score.

After the opposing coach’s timeout, Corinthians did not give up, continued to work well in possession and put in a good performance. In the last part of the third quarter, Timao reached a 20-point advantage.

After a series of Sorocabana League errors and some good play from the Sorocabana League, the home side extended their lead to 13 points with two minutes left in the fourth. Timao’s coach Leo Figueroa felt the bad moment of his team and stopped the match.

After the coach’s break, Corinthians returned to the match more connected and better. The Alvingra team was able to exchange points with the opponent and in the last bid of the third quarter again expanded its advantage. The third quarter ended with a score of 71-56 for Timao, with a difference of 15 points.

the last quarter

Timao entered the final stage of the match, maintaining the posture of the other quarters and well managed his advantage on the scoreboard. With six minutes left in the game, Corinthians still led by 15 points, winning 79-64.

Even with a practically guaranteed victory, Leo Figueiro’s men did not give up and kept the good rhythm of the match. Corinthians worked the ball very well and stayed solid in their defence.

In the final minutes of the match, coach Leo Figueroa made several changes to his team, but Timao kept up his good performance. “Corinthians” went to the last part of the match with players who spent a short time, and the score for the Whites ended with a score of 87:72.

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