Care and caution. Franca seeks ideal physique for Paulista basketball debut | basketball

The demand to turn the team into a champion should be combined with the caution of the athletes not to cross the line. Here’s what Franca Basket coach Helinho is betting on for the team’s start.

However, due to the NBB (Novo Basquete Brasil) title last season, the French team started a little later in the season with their opponents and now they have to try to catch up.

– These faces we make are not funny, not charm, but because the process is very laborious, very difficult. May God grant him a reward at the end of the season,” said pivot Edu Marilia.

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Although the hard work for ideal physical shape is coming right now, the intense race to gain conditioning cannot take the players to the medical ward and cheat Franca. Therefore, Helinho prefers to plan the season long-term to repeat the dose at the national level and reclaim the “crown” in the state.

– It is a difficult job. We have to measure the workload of the trainings, the rest of the players, the number of games we have. It is a number of factors that must be taken into account so that the players are always physically, mentally ready for the game and can go to the main part of the season – the playoffs – physically, mentally and tactically better,” he explained.

“We are developing every step of the way so that they can reach their ideal of performance,” concluded physical trainer Douglas Nazar.

Franca’s debut in the Campeonato Paulista this Sunday at 17:00 at the Pedrocao against Sorocabana Liga.

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