Brazil shines in last second, beats Argentina to win South American basketball title | basketball

Dramatic overload involving Brazil and Argentina in any sport was present on the basketball court this Saturday in San Luis (ARG). The Brazilian women’s team won the South American Championship final against the home team with a score of 69-68 and won the title of the tournament.

Tainá Paixão makes the title-clinching basket for Brazil — Photo: CBB/Disclosure

The win, as the scoreline shows, was really tight. However, there was another reason to add to the grief of the Brazilian fans. Taina Paisao scored a basket one second before the end point, opening a two-point advantage, but some members of the team stormed the court from euphoria until the end, as a result of which a technical foul was committed in favor of the “Germans”. There were several tense moments before the referee accepted the kick. On a great night, Melissa Graeter converted to cut the deficit to one point. When the ball came out, however, there was no time to react. Brazil celebrated the title for the second time in this match, now without any questioning.

Taina Paisao, responsible for the title guarantee basket, said the trophy was the first step towards the goal of challenging for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

– I am really happy. We did a good job throughout the championship. I’m happy for the last ball, but what made it worth it was the whole context. We were nervous, it’s normal, it was the final. We tried to stay calm during the game, and in the end it worked. We stabilized emotionally and turned around in the second half. This title is the first step towards the goal, which is Paris 2024,” he announced at the official broadcast of the event.

The team beat Argentina to win the South American title — Photo: publicity/CBB

When the referee allowed the game to start, Brazil took a long time to score. the first basket didn’t come until more than three minutes later. Argentina, even if they didn’t hit the scoreboard, were ahead throughout and ended the first quarter 20-15.

Brazil followed with a score in the second quarter. The best moment was a beautiful three-pointer scored by guard Alana Gonzalo, but the eight points collected in this period were not enough to defeat Argentina. 31-23: Vanessa Gonsalves, who had seven points in the bout, was the lone scorer. who posed the greatest danger.

The game heated up in the third quarter and Brazil showed signs of turning around. Camilla Cardoso made both free throws, and Brazil got a basket from the middle of the court in the sequence. Argentina responded, but for the first time in this final, the visiting team showed superiority and took the lead through the hand of Leila Zabani (41:40). However, the “Germans” reacted and became 47 to 46.

After the most balanced period of the match, Brazil and Argentina replaced each other in terms of scoreboard advantage. Melissa Graeter shot a 57. 54, but Stephanie Soares scored seven straight points to put the Canaries up 62-59. The Argentinian fans began to sing loudly to push the home team and the support had an impact. Greter hit a three-pointer. and tied the score.

Brazil and Argentina were tied 65-65 with a minute to go. Leila Zabani, however, made the free throws to open two points, 67 to 65. “Hermana” Mungo left everything the same. With one second left, Tainá Paixão made a spectacular basket to make it 69-67 and celebrate the victory. The referee pointed out the invasion of the Canarian delegation on the court, Argentina was entitled to a free throw. Melissa Graeter closed the gap. The hosts gave the ball away, but there was not enough time to equalize, and in front of the opposition crowd, the Brazilians celebrated.

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