Basketball champions are known…

The JECR 2022 Basketball Finals (Costa Rica School Games) closed this Friday (5th) morning for boys and girls/athletes aged 9 to 13. Organized by the Government of Costa Rica through SEMED (Municipal Secretary of Education) with the support of SEMTMA (Municipal Secretary of Tourism, Environment, Sports and Culture) and the Municipality of Health, the competition brought together more than 300 people from 5 municipal schools. and two chiefs.

Basketball is currently one of the most popular Olympic games in the world. It is one of the most used sports in physical education classes in schools.

During the award ceremony, the Vice Mayor of Costa Rica, Rony Cota, highlighted the support that the municipality offers in the practice of different sports through the Forjando Champions Project, in partnership with CREC (Costa Rica Esporte Clube) and with the support of the City. Council and its main purpose.

“Besides discovering new talents for sports, the aim of the school games is to promote the integration and exchange of students through sports to expand opportunities for socialization and acquisition of healthy habits,” praises the vice-principal.

School Sports Coordinator, Professor Rubens Pereira Lima, thanked Department Director Delzeir María da Silva for the participation and involvement of all education professionals and parents in the event and commented on the importance of games for students.

“Games contribute to the education of children and adolescents by providing reflections on aspects such as cooperation, coexistence, participation, inclusiveness, solidarity, autonomy. Helps to understand the importance of rules and boundaries. contributes to the development of affective connections. promotes interaction and sharing. Congratulations to everyone, regardless of whether you are a champion or not. The important thing is to participate in the games,” he concluded.

At the end of the event, prizes were awarded to the champion and vice-champion teams.

Check out the champions / runners-up.

Children’s Male
Champion: EM Fabio Rodriguez Barbosa
Runner Up: EMCM Adenocre A. Morais

Baby female
Champion: EMCM Adenocre A. Morais
Vice-champion: E.M. Fabio Rodriguez Barbosa

A male child
Champion: EM Vale do Amanhecer
Runner Up: EMCM Adenocre A. Morais

A female child
Champion: Joaquim Faustino Rosa
Runner Up: EMCM Adenocre A. Morais

Source: Communication Consultancy – PMCR

Author: Sylvester de Castro – journalist and broadcaster

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