Basketball America’s Cup. see bouts, schedules and where to buy semi-final tickets at Geraldo’s

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During the last seven days, Recife breathes basketball. At the Ginásio Geraldão, 12 American nations faced off against each other for the title of FIBA’s Copa America, the modal Copa America. Now four teams are left to compete. And this Saturday (10), Brazil, Argentina, Canada and the United States take to the court to decide the tournament’s finalists. Then find out all the details of the decisive day.

As has been the case since the event’s inception, the games are played back-to-back at the Ginásio Geraldão. This Saturday’s contention will begin at 5:40 p.m., with the game kicking off Argentina and United States. Then, at 20:40, 2012 took place in Yerevan Brazil receives Canada in a replay of the opening match of the competition.


To purchase tickets on sale, just visit Digital Ticket Portal (click here) and get the available tickets. In Geraldão, the sectors are Upper Ring, Intermediate Ring, Premium Ring and Golden Chair (check prices below).
  • UPPER RING HALF – BRL 100.00
  • UPPER RING ALL – BRL 200.00
  • MIDDLE RING ALL – BRL 300.00
  • PREMIUM Ring HALF – BRL 200.00
  • PREMIUM Ring ALL SOCIAL – BRL 330.00
  • PREMIUM Ring FULL – BRL 400.00

Balanced competition

The hallmark of the Basketball America’s Cup games is undoubtedly the balance between the picks. This Thursday (8), four games valid for the quarter-finals moved to Geralda. And, apart from Argentina’s tight victory against Venezuela, the remaining three matches were filled with emotion.

To open the day, Canada, featuring youngster Dalano Banton of the Toronto Raptors and veteran Trey Bell-Haynes, suffered a loss against Mexico. However, they won 82:77 with a set play in the last quarter. Later in Thursday’s most exciting game, the USA beat Puerto Rico 85-84. The balance was held until the last second, when the experienced Norris Cole, of the two-time NBA champion Miami Heat, made the final shot and announced the North American turnaround.

On the night, Argentina, relying on a fantastic trio of Campazzo, Deck and Laprovittola, cruised to a comfortable 76-53 victory over Venezuela in the tightest of quarter-finals. In the last game of the night, Brazil, who are having the best campaign in the tournament, suffered against the Dominican Republic and spent most of the match with the score. In the final quarter, however, he pulled ahead and took over the game to win 80-68.

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