At the age of 39, Marcelinho Huertas guarantees his presence in the Copa America; Gui Santos is on the preliminary selection list


Brazil will host the Copa América, which will take place at the Geraldão Stadium in Recife from September 2 to 11.

At the age of 39, Huertas will participate in the Copa America
©: Credits: Jurij Kodrun/Getty ImagesAt the age of 39, Huertas will participate in the Copa America

Marcelinho Huertas was included in the Brazilian basketball team that will participate in the Copa America.which is planned to be held in September in the city of Recife. The 39-year-old baseman strengthens the team, which will strive for the fifth championship of the tournament. which serves as a qualifier for the 2023 Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. Check out the full list of pre-called Brazil.

Although he is still on the preliminary list, Huertas confirmed that he will attend the Copa América. “I was lucky enough to play in Pan Rio, the Olympics, and now I finished the Copa America with a flourish. Hopefully it will be with the title,” said the guard. The Brazilian, who played in the NBA for “Los Angeles Lakers”, will be one of the references of the team that combines youth and experience.

“We have a young squad with experienced players coming in who were absent in this window due to injury. I hope we will find a balance, have a quick connection just to play these two games (in the qualifiers, against Mexico, in Puerto Rico and Jaragua do South) before the Copa America. I hope that when the 2nd comes (September) we will be ready to have a good tournament and fight for the title. We will be at home, we respect the other teams who come with a strong force, but we don’t owe anyone anything, we have already shown that. We will play evenly so that when we go to the knockout stage, we go 100%, because that’s when the bug catches,” says the veteran.

In addition to Huertas, there is another experienced base on the short list.
Raulzinho Neto, currently for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Stand out from the pre-selected guys
Jago Matheus and Guy Santos, which caught the attention of the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Summer League. Check out the list of 25 athletes invited by coach Gustavo De Conti.

ship owners

  • Jago Mateus – Ratio Ulm-ALE
  • Marcelo Huertas – Tenerife-ESP
  • Rafael Luz – Andorra-ESP
  • Eliño Corazza – Sao Paulo
  • Raul Neto – Cavaliers-USA
  • Alexey Borges – Minas Tennis Club
  • Scott Machado – Hapoel Eilat-ISR

Wingers / guards

  • Jorginho – SESI Franca
  • Cayo Pacheco – Pesaro-ITA
  • Vitor Benite – Gran Canaria-ESP


  • Guilherme Deodato – Flamengo
  • Didi Luzada – Blazers-USA
  • Reynan – SESI Franca
  • Guilherme Santos – Warriors-USA
  • Leonardo Meindl – Urban Transyvalnia-ROM

Arms / axles

  • Gabriel Jau – Flamengo
  • Rafael Mineiro – Flamengo
  • Lucas Diaz – SESI Franca
  • Bruno Caboclo – Celtics E10-USA
  • Marcio Santos – SESI Franca


  • Lucas Mariano – SESI Franca
  • Rafael Hetsheimer – Flamengo
  • Tim Soares – Sydney Kings-AUS
  • Augusto Lima – Unica-ESP
  • Cristiano Felicio

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