Araraquara closes in on Franca for Regional Games title — Araraquara City Hall

The contention for the 2022 Regional Games title of the 5th Sports District of the State of São Paulo remains fierce. At the moment, the city of Franca leads the overall ranking with 161 points, but Araraquara is very close with 158 points.

The first place is likely to be taken by one of these two municipalities, as Ribeirao Preto is in third place with 87 points, followed by Orlandia (39), Barretos (38.5), Certaosinho (36), Américo Brasiliense (36), Batatais (31). , Tacaritinga (26), Jaboticabal (25), Brodovsky (22.5), San Joaquim da Barra (22), Olympia (21), Terra Roxas (19), Monte Alto (18), Cravinhos (17), Gaviao Peixoto (16), Colombia (16), Bebeduro (16), Serana (15), Barinha (13), Guariba (13), Itapolis (13), Christais Paulista (13), Patrochinio Paulista (13), Guaira (12) , Ipua (12), Tabatinga (9), Boa Esperança do Sul (7), Pontal (7), Restinga (6), Guara (5), Viraduro (5), Pitangeiras (4), Nova Europa (3), Rincao (3), Santo Antonio da Alegría (3), San Simao (3), Tacuaral (2), Borborrema (2), Matao (1) and Tayachu (1). The delegations of Colina, Dobrada, Ibitinga, Luis Antonio, Pradopolis, Santa Cruz da Esperanza, Santa Rosa do Viterbo, Serra Azul and Trabizu have not scored a goal yet.

Fundesport president Roselli Gustavo has full confidence in the city’s teams and athletes. “I think this weekend will be decisive for the turnaround. We have men’s basketball playing in the finals, we have athletics competing in Certaosinho and I think there will be a lot of scoring. There is men’s futsal to be played. in the semi-finals, except for handball. The difference between Araraquara and Franca is only three points, it was already a much bigger advantage and now we are very close. Our teams compete on equal terms, we left behind Ribeirao Preto and I. Believe me we have everything to get this comeback this weekend,” he said.

So far, Araraquara has won gold medals in Women’s Basketball, Women’s Cycling, Men’s Cycling, Women’s Checkers, Men’s Checkers, Women’s Football, Women’s Futsal, Women’s Tennis, Men’s Tennis, Women’s Chess, Men’s Chess, Under-21 Table Tennis and Under-21 women’s volleyball. The city was also silver in billiards, women’s table tennis, men’s volleyball and women’s beach volleyball, and took third place in men’s beach volleyball.

The 2022 edition of the Regional Games will close on September 11. Team sports competitions will end this weekend. This week (3) and Sunday (4) athletics, men’s futsal, men’s basketball, men’s under-21 handball and women’s handball teams will be in Ararat. The fighting styles will be contested next week: judo competitions will be held in Agua, karate in Ribeirao Preto and taekwondo in Sao Paulo.

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