An exhibition in honor of Roselle Gustavo opens this Saturday (27) — Araraquara City Hall

The Paschoal Gonçalves da Rocha Museum of Sports Memorabilia opens this Saturday (27.00) at 10 a.m., the opening of its first thematic exhibition, called “Rocel’s “basketball” Gustavo da Silva,” which aims to honor one of the greatest. Former player of the Brazilian national basketball team and currently the president of Fundesport. The exhibition, which runs until October 31, also marks the museum’s 7th anniversary and is part of a calendar of events marking Araraquara’s 205th anniversary month.

Rodrigo Coutinho Sosolote, also known as Soro, the curator of the Museum of Memories, spoke about the idea of ​​honoring the champion. “Organizing the first exhibition at the museum is an old idea of ​​Rosalie’s, and the idea came to honor him in the month of Araraquara’s birthday and the museum’s birthday. We are honored to receive an Olympic medalist and the world of basketball. the champion will open the first thematic exhibition of the Museum of Sporting Memories of Pascoal da Rocha, which will be open to the whole community. let’s respect this great sportswoman who represents our city with great pride,” he said.

Paschoal Gonçalves da Rocha’s sports memorabilia museum is located in the aquatic complex of the Estádio da Fonte Luminosa Araraquara, behind the bleachers of the swimming pools, with the entrance through gate 4 of the complex. The exhibition is supported by the Municipal Department of Sports and Entertainment of Araraquara and Fundesport and supported by Clube Araraquarense, Carlão mobile plumber, Juliana Pereira Pedagoga, Dispatcher Araraquara, Marcos Garrido Councilor, Coxinhas Douradas de Bueno de Andrada, Minutos, Panificadora Bortolozo, Nice Salgados and Malharia Bruno.


Roselli Gustavo da Silva was born in Araraquara and spent his childhood in the Melhado district. He started his basketball journey at the age of 11 under the influence of his sister who was already involved in the sport. At the age of 12, he was invited to join the UNIMEP Piracicaba basketball team. At the age of 16, he was already part of the senior Brazilian team, where he won major modal titles in the 90s alongside players like Hortensia, Magic Paula, Marta Sobral and Janet. He helped Brazil make history by winning the 1991 Pan American Games in Cuba and the 1994 World Cup in Australia, in addition to a silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Even after ending his career on the courts, Araraquarense never left sports and led projects to identify talents in collaboration with Cesi and currently works as president of Fundesport and executive coordinator of Social Inclusion Sports Projects of the Department of Sports and Recreation of Araraquara. .

Sports memorabilia museum

The museum, which opened on August 25, 2015, consists of the collection of historian and Ferroviária supporter Pascoal Gonçalves da Rocha, with more than 10,000 photographs, including the Ferroviária team, amateur sports and amateur clubs in Araraquara and Brazilian. Football team. Items on display at the event include t-shirts, photos and mugs.

Passing away on November 19, 2014, Paschoal did not see the return of Ferroviaria to Paulistao in 2015, nor did he see his museum opened under the responsibility of the Municipal Sports Department and Araraquara Municipality. The programming of the area has monthly cultural support from the Clube Araraquarense and Councilor Marcos Garrido, who help maintain the museum, and from the Filhos do Paschoal group.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 7:00 am to 11:00 am, and appointments can be made by cell phone/Whatsapp (16) 99701-6489 or email: and proof of full vaccination. the schedule.

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