A young man from Nordeste de Amaralina discovers his passion for swimming and wins titles and sponsorship

He trains at the Aquatic Arena, which last year served more than 2,500 people

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A top athlete has been revealed by Arena Aquatica in Salvador. Swimmer Manoel Filipe Silva Silva, 18 years old, from Bahia, is considered by experts to be a promising sport. Raised in the northeast of Amaralina, the young man discovered his passion for swimming very early, at the age of 4, when he took up the sport on medical advice. In 2020, fate reserved for him to be welcomed by the Arena Aquatica, after his old club closed for renovations.

“I can say for sure that the Aquatic Arena changed my life, because from that opportunity I was able to achieve many things in the swimming arena. I won important titles, I was the champion of Bahia, the champion of North-Northeast, the final of the Brazilian championship. and, besides, I received sponsorship, which was an honor for me,” recalls Manuel Filipe.

He still reveals his ambition is to reach the Paris 2024 Olympics or Los Angeles 2028, although the road has not been easy so far. The father, who is a shopping guard, had to walk to and from work to financially support his son’s dream of becoming a professional swimmer. “My family couldn’t keep up with my training, it was always a big sacrifice for my parents so I could keep swimming,” she said.

Manoel also assures that the difficulty has never made him think of giving up, as he finds all the support he needs when he puts his “feet” in the Aquatic Arena. “The arena has a beautiful, high-performance structure, one of the best I’ve ever swam in Brazil. It is able to host major competitions, contributing to the development of the athlete. I am very grateful for the opportunity to continue my training and to improve myself more and more so that I can go further and further,” said Manoel.

The youngster still cites his trainer Mauricio Barreto, known as Bob, Arena’s psychology and nutrition team, gym and physiotherapy clinic as his main support. His dream, however, is not only to become an Olympic swimmer, but also to transform the lives of his parents and siblings. “I hope one day I can achieve this feat. After all, every child wants to provide his family with better living conditions.”

The coach emphasizes that Manoel is a very technical and skilled swimmer. “He has little training time, he has been here in the Arena since 2020, although he has been swimming since childhood, but he developed very quickly, adapted to training, gained mass, strength and speed. He is a professional athlete that amazes us. every day, with the number of important medals on his chest and develops step by step so that he can reach the top of the world stage”, defines Mauricio Barreto.

In addition to devoting himself to swimming, the young man studies statistics at the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA). “If you have a dream, a goal, go after it. The road is not easy, but if you try, give your best, if you persevere, you will succeed. Along the way, you can find people who will help you, like I did, so don’t give up,” concluded Manoel, stressing that studies cannot be left aside.

The town hall facilities, managed by the Secretariat for Social Promotion, Combating Poverty, Sports and Leisure (Sempre), already served more than 2,500 people last year. Many of them participate in free swimming lessons, whose registration is open to the public and is regularly published through the website www.arenaaquatica.salvador.ba.gov.br.

In addition, the Arena has also trained more than 150 top athletes since its opening in 2018 and has been the stage for prominent competitions such as the Bahia Winter Championships, the Sergio Silva Club Cup, one of the premier water sports events. sports in the Northeast – and the National Water Polo League.

For Daniel Ribeiro, Semper’s secretary, the Salvador Aquatic Arena can host national and international championships. “Many athletes, like our star Manoel, are discovered in the Arena and sent to high-quality training, achieving good results,” he assessed.

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